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Wonder Woman, the Green Arrow, and the Atom make their way to the headquarters of the Justice League of America. En route, Wonder Woman and the Green Arrow see the townspeople dancing in the the town square, at Three Corners. Wonder Woman and the Green Arrow decide to investigate. As soon as they exit the cockpits of their respective planes, Wonder Woman and the Green Arrow begin dancing, uncontrollably, as well. The Atom, too, is compelled to dance, as soon as he emerges from the telephone line he was traveling through. A bank robbery occurs, with all three heroes helpless to stop the fleeing criminals.

The Green Arrow manages to grab hold of, and throw, Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth into her hands. Wonder Woman uses the Lasso of Truth to compel the Green Arrow to destroy the source of the music. No longer forced to dance, Wonder Woman runs down the getaway car, and interrogates the bank robbers. The Green Lantern, J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter from Mars, and the Batman encounter a robbery in progress. Suddenly, strange music begins broadcasting from a five-o-clock whistle. The three heroes are forced to dance. The Batman manages to dislodge the contents of his utility belt, during his dance.

J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, uses his martian breath to blow capsules of silver iodide into the clouds, causing a thunderstorm. Another burst of martian breath freezes the rain water around the Green Lantern's feet, forcing him to stop dancing. The Green Lantern destroys the whistle, silencing the music. The Green Lantern then captures the thieves. Aquaman, the Flash, and Superman discover a riverboat leaving a trail of destruction in it's wake. As soon as the three heroes board the riverboat, the band begins to play. Aquaman, the Flash, and Superman are all compelled to dance. Superman uses his heat vision to give the Flash a hot foot.

The Flash stumbles into Aquaman, knocking the King of the Seas overboard. Beneath the surface of the river, Aquaman can no longer hear the music, and is free to act. Summoning a hoard of fish, Aquaman beaches the riverboat. The violent impact causes the musicians to drop their instruments. The Flash gathers them, before the musicians can start playing again. The Justice League of America assemble in their Secret Sanctuary, and compare notes. Their interrogations of the criminals, at each crime scene, reveal the mastermind behind the crimes, the Maestro. Wearing ear plugs, the Justice League of America storms the Maesto's hidden lair.

The Maestro reveals that the music masked a high frequency signal, which is what really caused the team to dance. The Maestro transmits the signal, forcing the Justice League of America to dance again. The Maestro imprisons the Justice League of America in bubbles, designed to counter each of their individual powers. With the Justice League of America helpless, the Maestro destroys his own headquarters, seemingly killing the Justice League of America. Snapper Carr, the Justice League of America's mascot, reveals that the entire adventure has been a hypothetical scenario. Nonetheless, the Justice League of America is disturbed at their inability to determine a way to have thwarted the Maestro.

Finally, the Atom realizes that, at the tiny size he was when he emerged from the phone line, in Three Corners, he never would have been able to hear the music. The Justice League of America would have had foreknowledge that it was not, in fact, the music making them dance. In that scenario, Superman would have coated himself in lead to protect against a kryptonite trap, which is how the Maestro neutralized Superman. Superman would have pretended he was being weakened by the kryptonite in the Maestro's bubble. As soon as the Maestro exited the cavern, Superman would have freed his teammates. Bursting out of the cavern, the Justice League of America would have apprehended the Maestro.


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