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Before Crisis on Infinite Earths, There Was Crisis From Yesterday

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'Crisis from Yesterday!' is one of the many Earth 1 & Earth 2 crossovers that, in a way, can be seen as a decades long lead up to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The annual meeting of the JLA and the JSA is held at a restaurant this year, and while things are in full swing, an explosion knocks flat all the heroes of both teams. Behind the explosion is Viking Prince, Jonah Hex, Enemy Ace, Miss Liberty, and The Black Pirate, complete with triplane, flying horses and flying viking longboat.

Yes, the battle that ensues includes some corniness in order to make the story work - Viking Prince can see Wonder Woman's invisible plane, Superman can follow the attackers 'chronal energy trail', and all these historical heroes' powers have been artificially amped to stellar levels to allow them to be able to take out the likes of Superman.

But it's all in service to a story that seems moderately interesting - The Lord of Time has masterminded these events for the common good. Most of this issue is about the historical characters striking poses as seen on the cover. Whether the story line will ultimately succeed or fail rests largely on whether or not Gerry Conway can deliver a satisfying conclusion next issue with so many colorful characters competing for page space.

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