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    “TILL DOOM DO US PART!” It’s time for wedding bells! Ray Palmer, the Atom, marries his longtime sweetheart, Jean Loring!

    Mauri, the Oceanic Goddess of Love, plots against the Justice League of America. University physicist, Ray Palmer, reveals his secret identity, as the Atom, to his fiance, Jean Loring. Palmer feared that the revelation would cause Loring to suffer another nervous breakdown. Loring, instead, is furious with Palmer, for keeping such a secret from her. Loring considers canceling the wedding. The Justice League of America, and Supergirl, make preparations for the wedding. The Phantom Stranger appears. The Phantom Stranger warns the Justice League of America that Mauri is at large. Aquaman, the Batman, the Green Arrow, and the Phantom Stranger, return to the pacific island where Mauri originated.

    Aquaman dives below the surface to seek out the Oceanic temple. The Batplane comes under attack, by Mauri's forces. The Batman executes evasive maneuvers, accidentally hurling the Phantom Stranger into the Pacific Ocean. The Green Arrow uses a magnetic arrow to disable the enemy aircraft. Mauri's minions leap from their plane onto the batplane. Only two of them successfully make the jump. Both Batman, and the Green Arrow, are punched in the face, before they are able to repel their attackers. Aquaman confirms that Mauri is no longer trapped, beneath the waves, with the other Oceanic Gods. The Green Lantern, and the Red Tornado, pick up Solovar. The Red Tornado is shot out of he sky, by Mauri's minions.

    The Green Lantern catches the Red Tornado, before turning on his attackers. After the Green Lantern has downed the attack helicopter, he is approached by Mauri, calling herself 'The Siren". Mauri passionately kisses the Green Lantern, enslaving him. The Green Lantern subdues Solovar. With Solovar as his prisoner, the Green Lantern departs, leaving the injured Red Tornado behind. At Coast City International Ariport, the Batman, and the Green Arrow, under Mauri's domination, attack, and subdue Aquaman. The Green Lantern brings Mauri to the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Mauri passionately kisses Superman, enslaving him. Sue Dibny, and Iris West Allen, get dressed for the wedding, watched over by the Flash, and the Elongated Man.

    The Green Lantern, and Superman, attack. Superman punches the Flash through a wall. The Green Lantern sedates the Elongated Man, Dibny, and West, with anesthetic gas. Diana Prince, Dinah Drake Lance, and Linda Danvers assist Loring in getting prepared for the wedding. Loring is still distraught over Palmer's revelation. Lance and Prince receive a summons from the Justice League of America. Giving Loring some time alone, Danvers, Lance, and Prince respond to the signal, as Supergirl, the Black Canary, and Wonder Woman. The three heroines find the male heroes of the Justice League of America waiting for them. All are under Mauri's siren spell. The Flash, and Superman, attack Supergirl. The Green Arrow attacks the Black Canary.

    Aquaman, the Batman, and the Elongated Man attack Wonder Woman. The Black Canary notices that the Green Arrow is resisting enough to miss every shot. Supergirl notices the same thing about Superman. The Black Canary, and Supergirl, decide to stop fighting, gambling that the love the heroes feel for them will overcome Mauri's enchantment. Their gamble pays off. The Black Canary, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman beat Mauri into unconsciousness. Loring reconciles with Palmer, outside the wedding chapel. Ray Palmer weds Jean Loring. The Phantom Stranger returns Mauri to her imprisonment, with the remaining Oceanic Gods, beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean.


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    Battle of the Sexes 0

    This issue is a relatively long one by the usual standards of comics at the time, even within the series, but it fills up the extra length well as this is an issue about marriage and love.  With that in mind, there is one of the usual and most common of plot elements here where certain characters under mind control are urged "to fight through it" and regain their control.  This is a cliche which occurs often enough, even into the modern day, but it works better here as the theme of the entire is...

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