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“THE UNLUCKIEST LEAGUE OF ALL!” While the male Leaguers are distracted by a bachelor party for the Atom, Amos Fortune captures Wonder Woman and uses the magical properties of her body to infuse seven random people with superpowers, then sends them to battle the Justice League!

The Black Canary, the Hawkgirl, and Wonder Woman grumble over being sequestered away from the Atom's bachelor party. Wonder Woman is suddenly struck by lightning. Seemingly unharmed, Wonder Woman departs, citing an important appointment. While the majority of the Justice League of America celebrates the Atom's coming nuptials, the Green Arrow voices disdain. The Green Lantern narrates recent events in the Atom's life, to the Red Tornado, leading up to the Atom's proposal. The Black Canary, and the Hawkgirl, crash the bachelor party, regarding concerns about Wonder Woman.

The Green Arrow shows the two heroines the door. While the Hawkgirl remains on monitor duty, the Black Canary begins an investigation. Wonder Woman feels compelled to fly her invisible plane to a remote airstrip. Upon landing, Wonder Woman is attacked by a giant automaton. Though Wonder Woman destroys the automaton, she becomes tangled up in her own Lasso of Truth, and accidentally rendered unconscious. The Black Canary picks up Wonder Woman's trail in Hawaii. Wonder Woman awakens, in bondage, dangling from a chain. Amos Fortune reveals his presence.

Fortune spins his wheel of misfortune, focusing a beam of mystic energy through Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman's body serves as a prism, splitting the beam into seven colored rays. The beams circle the globe, striking the luckiest people in the world. Lord Arthur Arthurson is the first to feel the beam's effect. Arthurson feels compelled to grab a trophy from his home. While there, Arthurson's cat accidentally initiates a gas explosion. Arthurson's luck holds, as he survives the explosion. In Central City, the Elongated Man, and the Flash, take down the Flame-Thrower Bandits. The Flash suddenly suffers terrible cramps, as he chases down the crooks, requiring the Elongated Man to save him.

After the Elongated Man apprehends the gang, the Flash confesses that it felt like his super-human speed was being wrenched from his very bones. The Black Canary is given a Navy helicopter, to search for Wonder Woman. The Black Canary nearly loses control of her sonic cry, before it breaks, leaving her momentarily unable to speak. The Batman, as millionaire Bruce Wayne, dances with Silver St.Cloud. Suddenly, Wayne loses all sense of co-ordiantion, stumbles, and collapses on St. Cloud, driving them both to the floor. Arthurson is compelled to come to Fortune, as are the other six people struck by Fortune's beams.

The seven individuals have gained the ability to bestow super-human powers on others, by touching a lucky charm to that individual. Said individual also becomes a submissive drone. Arthurson, as the Running Man, has the ability to give others the Flash's super-human speed. The Strong Man has the ability to give others Superman's super-human strength. The Crier has the ability to give others the Black Canary's sonic scream. The Acorbat has the ability to give others the Batman's acrobatic prowess. Cyclone has the ability to give other's the Red Tornado's whirlwind generating power.

The Shrinking Man can give others the Atom's shrinking power. The Water King has the ability to give others Aquaman's aquatic and telepathic powers. Fortune spins his wheel of misfortune again, charging his "Luck League" with immense good fortune, then tasks them with destroying the Justice League of America. The Batman meets Superman, at the Metropolis Airport. Each reports a sudden diminishing of their respective abilities. Suddenly, the Batman is attacked by the Running Man's super-speedsters. Caught in the super-speedster's wake, the Batman is in danger of being smeared across the tarmac, until Superman saves him.

Having spotted the Running Man, the Batman gives chase. The Shrinking Man sends one of his miniaturized drones after the Batman. Taken by surprise, the Batman is rendered unconscious. Superman melts the tarmac with his heat vision, bogging the super-speedsters down in melting tar. An airplane comes in for a landing, Superman is able to push the airplane over the molten area of runway, to keep it from crashing. The effort, though, causes the Man Of Steel to lose consciousness. Fortune realizes that whenever the Luck League bestows super-powers onto their drones, they are actually stealing those powers from members of the Justice League of America.

The Black Canary tracks Wonder Woman to Fortune's lair. Before she can storm Fortune's lair, she succumbs to another attack on her sonic cry. Aquaman takes the Hawkgirl to task, for not informing the male members of the team about the attack on Wonder Woman. The Red Tornado sees the Elongated Man, and the Flash, on the monitor screen, being attacked by people with the Black Canary's sonic cry, and the Red Tornado's whirlwinds. Aquaman, and the Red Tornado, join the fight. The Red Tornado loses control of his whirlwind generating power.

Aquaman tackles a a drone with the Red Tornado's power, into Central City harbor. Aquaman telepathically summons dolphins, from a nearby aquarium. Aquaman loses control of the dolphins, then succumbs to a sharp, piercing pain in his brain. The Red Tornado is downed by multiple sonic cries. The Hawkman, and the Hawkgirl, attack the Crier, Cyclone, and the Water King. Wonder Woman uses the sun's light, glinting off her tiara, to hypnotize Fortune. The Atom, the Green Arrow, and the Green Lantern are attacked by super-humanly strong university students.

The moment the Atom tries to activate his powers he suffers terrible pain. The Atom collapses, falling into a computer console. The falling computer console collapses a wall that the Acrobat, and Strong Man, just happen to be standing under. With their defeat, their drones cease their attack. The Hawkman, and the Hawkgirl, subdue the Crier, Cyclone, and the Water King. Wonder Woman summons the Justice League of America. After hypnotizing Fortune, Wonder Woman had Fortune spin the wheel of misfortune clockwise, to give the Luck League extreme bad luck. Their defeat came quickly after that. The Green Arrow apologizes to the Black Canary, for being such a jackass at the bachelor party.


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