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    The League loses a member as writer Dwayne McDuffie turns up the heat in the "Injustice League" story arc! A party has turned very deadly for the World's Greatest Heroes when they find themselves prisoners of the Injustice League!

    Superman and Black Lightning confront Lex Luthor in his powered up suit and Superman and Lex are having small talk. Lex riles up Superman by insulting him because Superman is never angry. Black Lightning then orders Lex to tell them where the rest of the Justice League is. Lex insults Black Lightning and Black Lightning sends a thunderbolt towards Lex, but it turns out to be a hologram.

    Lex appears once again and Superman asks what Lex wants from him. Lex replies that it’s obvious. He wants Superman’s rage and Lex reveals his plan; that he wants Superman so angry that his powers will mean nothing in the future. Lex reveals how he plans to do that, up comes a large video feed of the Justice League being tortured. Superman is being held back by Black Lightning and video feeds of Shaggy Man being tortured gets Superman to order Lex to tell him where they are located. However, Lex stops the hologram and tells Superman to find him.

    The both of them were tracking his resonance frequency and they spot the hologram projector when it explodes in Superman’s face and a small amount of kryptonite hits his face.

    In the Hall of Doom, Lex questions Joker about the kryptonite paint and Joker replies that Lex did want to make Superman angry and compares it to a cavity search from loved ones. Lex stops him before too much information is revealed when Cheetah tells Lex about Grodd almost killing Geo-Force. Lex stops Grodd and he replies that it’s fun to hit him. However, Lex tells him that no one is to kill anyone until Superman is captured. Grood complies and reveals his plan of eating him after he tenderised Geo-Force’s body. Joker adds that that would something he would like to see. Lex then appreciates Grodd’s patience and adds that these videos of them being humiliated will be vital in achieving their long term goals.

    Back with Superman and Black Lightning, he is washing off the kryptonite paint off Superman’s face with water and he asks what plan they have. Superman replies that he is going to take them apart and Black Lightning adds he will call in the reserves. However, Superman says that there is no time. Black Lightning buts in, telling Superman to take it easy because Lex is just making him angry on purpose. He tells Superman that Lex knows how to push his buttons and Superman replies that Black Lightning is completely objective about Lex. Black Lightning disagrees, saying that he has lost a few due to him. The both of them then agree to take on Lex by themselves. They fly towards the Hall of Doom and while Black Lightning lands his plane, Superman shoots through and goes for Parasite first, throwing up towards the sky.

    Lex orders everyone to protect the prisoners and Black Lightning comes in from behind, zapping some foes. Lex claims he is just a decoy and Black Lightning strikes Lex and has him in an electric bubble. Cheetah orders Killer Frost to attack him but she refuses and Chesire steps him. Dr. Light then takes care of Superman, claiming that he’s no faster than light. All of them then pile on Superman and he is knocked unconscious.

    Lex then says, “I’d hate for you to miss what comes next…” while holding a shard of kryptonite to his face.


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    The Socie...I mean Injustice League 0

    I don't want to gripe...this is a great storyline and the art freaking rocks...but I hate the name Injustice is borderline stupid...I want them to go back to the Society...I mean you get the real Luthor and Joker in the Society and it kicks ass...The Calculator is lonely he needs friends...Superman and Black Lightning get to see their friends tortured by their enemies...Luthor is a bastard but he doesn't want anyone killed til Supes shows up...Grodd sure does do a number on Geo-Force...

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