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“THE COMMAND IS CHAOS!” The Anarchist has been tapping into Green Lantern's power to grant himself matter-altering powers! But who is this new foe? And how can the Justice League of America defeat a man with the power of mind over matter?!

The Justice League of America attempt to protect the United Nations from the Anarchist. The Flash quickly discovers that the Anarchist's goons are protected by a force field. Superman is incapacitated, when the Anarchist animates the Man of Steel's belt, causing it to wrap around Superman's throat, choking him. The Anarchist takes control of the Flash's boots, grounding him, and the Red Tornado's costume, causing him to spin wildly out of control. The Anarchist's goons beat up the Green Arrow. Fighting like a madman, the Green Arrow manages to hold off the Anarchist's goons, long enough for the Green Arrow to remove the Flash's boots. The Flash removes Superman's belt.

The Green Arrow is finally subdued, but not before he tears off a piece of the Anarchist's costume. The Flash, and Superman, attempt to stop the Red Tornado from spinning. Superman is ultimately forced to drag the Red Tornado into space, to bring him to a stop. The Anarchist escapes, abducting several dignitaries as he goes. The United Nations takes the Justice League of America to task, for failing to protect their members. Hal Jordan awakes, in the midst of charging his power ring. it is the sixth time he has charged his power ring, while sleepwalking. Jordan asks the ring who has been tampering with his mind. The power ring can provide no answers.

Jordan decides to investigate the matter, as the Green Lantern. Superman, as television news anchor, Clark Kent, joins sportscaster, Steve Lombard, at a faith healing. The faith healer, Simon Elis, heals Lombard's broken leg. Kent surreptitiously uses his heat vision to cause a bottle of mustard to explode on him. Kent excuses himself, to change into his Superman costume. Kent, as Superman, summons the Justice League of America. Suspecting that Elis is tied to the Anarchist, the Justice League of America follow Elis. A burst of yellow energy destroys the Green Lantern's power ring generated bubble, causing the Batman, the Black Canary, and the Elongated Man to fall.

The Green Lantern attempts to scoop up Elis' car, but the ring energy construct instead lashes out at the falling Justice Leaguers. Elis' car vanishes, as do the falling Justice Leaguers. The Green Lantern reveals the issues he's been having, charging his power ring in his sleep. The Green Lantern surmises that the Anarchist has been powering himself, by siphoning off the yellow impurity within the power ring. The Green Lantern attempts to drain his ring of power, to no avail. As the power ring's charge nears it's twenty-four hour limit, the Green Lantern orders Superman to beat him into unconsciousness.

Against the concerns of his fellow Justice Leaguers, Superman complies. The Justice League of America storm the Anarchist's hidden lair. Cut off from the power ring's energy, the Anarchist, and his goons, are quickly defeated. The Anarchist reveals his plan to throw the world into chaos, by kidnapping the dignitaries of many nations, allowing the Anarchist to step in as the world's leader. Upon returning to consciousness, the Green Lantern is told that it is safe for him to recharge his ring. With the Justice League of America bearing witness, the Green Lantern speaks his oath, while he recharges his power ring.


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