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“THE EVIL CONNECTION!” The Dronndarians, aliens from another dimension, must transfer a huge buildup of excess energies from their world to Earth for their planet to survive, and they do so by transferring it to Earth’s super-villains!

Two-Face narrates his latest adventure. With Two-Face's help, the Justice League of America had thwarted an alien scheme to destroy the world. With the case seemingly closed, the Green Lantern was tasked with returning Two-Face to Arkham Asylum. En route, the Green Lantern is attacked, and downed by a Weaponer of Qward. The Weaponer of Qward carried Two-Face to Niagara Falls, to meert with Kimon, the leader of the Weaponers of Qward. The Weaponers of Qward had been contracted by the Dronndarians to siphon off the lethal energy threatening to destroy Dronndar.

Said energy was to, instead, be used on Earth, ultimately destroying the planet. Kimon asked Two-Face to be the Weaponers of Qward's inside man within the Justice League of America. A flip of his coin revealed the scarred side, so Two-Face agreed. The Weaponers of Qward triggered an avalanche, at Niagara Falls. Aquaman, and Superman, responded to the crisis. Two-Face was waiting for them. Surreptitiously, Two-Face placed a star-shaped item on each Justice Leaguer. Superman prevented the water from going over the falls by building up a wall of rock, and debris.

Aquaman telepathically summoned a cadre of freshwater fish to form a breakwater barrier, protecting the shore. A Weaponer of Qward attacked Aquaman. Aquaman telepathically commanded the remaining fish in the area to generate a waterspout, knocking the Weaponer of Qward from the sky. Aquaman then punched the Weaponer of Qward into submission, marveling at how much power seemed to be behind his punch. With the crisis averted, Superman interrogated the Weaponer of Qward, learning where the Weaponers of Qward planned to strike next.

Superman summoned the Justice League of America. Before the team split up to tackle the Weaponers of Qward, Two-Face, again, surreptitiously, planted star-shaped devices on each team member. The Atom, and the Hawkman, confronted the Weaponers of Qward in Toronto. Both heroes were somewhat taken aback at how easily the Weaponers of Qward fell to their blows. The Flash, with Two-Face, confronted the Weaponers of Qward in Bonn. The Flash tore a hole in the street, dropping the Weaponers of Qward into the sewers.

The Weaponers of Qward counter attacked with powerful bolts of lightning. Two-Face worked to quickly revive the stunned Flash, aiding him in putting the Weaponers of Qward down. The Atom intercepts Aquaman, and Superman, in Sydney. The Atom had discovered that it was the Jusitce League of America who had been siphoning off the lethal energy jeopardizing the Dronndarians, not the Weaponers of Qward. The Atom had become aware of the device Two-face had planted on the team, turning them into pawns of the Weaponers of Qward.

The only way to thwart the plans of the Dronndarians was to allow the Weaponers of Qward to defeat the Justice League of America. Aquaman, the Atom, and Superman weathered one brutal hit after another, until, finally, Two-Face's device had burned out. Then, the Justice League of America took the Weaponers of Qward down. The Weaponers were returned to Qward. The Justice League of America watched as the lethal energy built up and destroyed Dronndar. Astonishingly, the Dronndarians evolved to a state that allowed them to survive the destruction of their world. Two-Face was returned to Arkham Asylum, were he finishes his narrative, having told his story to the Joker.


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