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“THE MEN WHO SOLD DESTRUCTION.” The Flash cannot believe his eyes! The newest member of the Justice League of America is Two-Face?! The only thing more shocking is how he joined!

Three costumed thieves steal technology from the S.T.A.R. Research Corporation. The Green Lantern attempts to apprehend the thieves, only to be rendered unconscious. The preceding events are reviewed, and discussed, by the alien Dronndarians. Their narrative continues in Central City. The Flash has been called in to investigate the theft, and replacement of, a marble statue of Napoleon. The Flash discovers that the fake statue of Napoleon has been sculpted from an unknown mineral. The Flash vibrates his hand, at super-human speed, into molecular intangibility, to reach inside Napoleon. The statue immediately explodes.

The Flash's is summoned to the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Upon arrival, the Flash sees the notorious criminal, Two-Face, standing with the Green Lantern, the Hawkman, and Superman. Assuming his comrades are under some form of mental domination, the Flash charges Two-Face. Easily eluding Superman, and the Hawkman, in their efforts to restrain him, the Flash is caught in a power ring generated bubble, courtesy of the Green Lantern. Two-Face explains that he has come to alert the Justice League of America to a new world threat. Two-Face opens with a story about Arnold Weskit, a crooked stockbroker, who vaporized the agent investigating him.

Weskit walked on the murder charges, when medical tests proved that Weskit did not possess super-human powers. Ten similar cases followed. Two-Face was released from Arkham Asylum, and brought to an old mansion, on the outskirts of Gotham City. There, Two-Face was met by marble statues of Napoleon, Julius Caesar, and Benjamin Franklin. For a mere one hundred-thousand dollars, Two-Face was offered a one-use power, to project a lethal energy beam. Needing time to consider, Two-Face was offered an upstairs room, in the mansion, for the night. Two-Face eavesdropped on the statues, learning that they were being animated by the Dronndarians.

Two-Face discovers that the Dronndarians are attempting to siphon off an energy build-up on their world, that threatens to destroy it. If successful, the Dronndarians will shift enough of that lethal energy to Earth, destroying the planet, to save their world. Two-Face flipped his coin, to determine his next action. When the coin landed with the unmarred surface up, Two-Face decided to alert the Justice League of America, to the alien's scheme. Aquaman summons the Justice League of America to a prison break. The Green Lantern, and Superman, respond to Aquaman's distress signal. The Flash, and Hawkman, return to the mansion, with Two-Face, to confront the Dronndarians.

Using their one-use energy attacks, the prisoners fell Aquaman, the Green Lantern, and Superman. The Flash, the Hawkman, and Two-Face storm the mansion. Upon recovery, Aquaman telepathically summons a pod of whales, who flood the prison island, shorting out the prisoners' single use powers. The Green Lantern, and Superman, effect repairs at the prison. The Flash, the Hawkman, and Two-Face confront the statues, but the Dronndarian presence has fled. The Dronndarians offer the Weaponers of Qward the opportunity to destroy the Earth, by fueling their weapons with the lethal energy that threatens to destroy the Dronndarian's world.


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