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Julius Schwartz, a DC Comic editor, complains about the lack of original ideas coming from two of his writers, Cary Bates and Elliot S. Maggin. When Maggin mentions maybe doing a story that features the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill, Bates reveals that Schwartz actually has one. Years prior, the Flash was stranded on Earth-Prime, but with Schwartz's aid, was able to build a Cosmic Treadmill, allowing the Flash to bridge the dimensional gap, back to Earth-1. Schwartz still has that Cosmic Treadmill.

Bates reconstructs the Cosmic Treadmill, in Schwartz's office. Maggin accidentally brushes the controls on the Cosmic Treadmill, sending Bates into the dimensional void between parallel Earths. Tumbling through the abyss, Bates is struck by a bolt of energy and emerges on Earth-2. Bates witnesses Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt, attempt to apprehend a group of fleeing felons. The Golden Age Robin joins in the arrest. Bates discovers he has developed incredible psychic powers, as well as a powerful inclination towards evil.

Bates transforms the crooks' getaway car into a rocket ship, allowing them to escape. Maggin convinces Schwartz to allow him to attempt to retrieve Bates. Schwartz sets the controls, sending Maggin to Earth-1. Schwartz covers up the existence of the Cosmic Treadmill, and the disappearance of Bates and Maggin, from Carmine Infantino. Maggin appears over, and falls into, a body of water. Aquaman carries Maggin to shore. Maggin convinces Aquaman to take him to the next meeting of the Justice League of America.

Maggin teleports to the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, followed by Aquaman. The Justice League of America does not believe Maggin's incredulous story. The Flash vouches for Maggin, as well as the existence of Earth-Prime. Bates, using his psychic powers, summons the Justice Society of America to a botanical gardens. Almost immediately, the Justice Society of America are attacked by monstrous floral threats.

Despite overcoming the plant perils, the Justice Society of America is rendered unconscious, by a tranquilizing odor. Finding no trace of Bates on Earth-1, Batman surmises that Bates may be on Earth-2, as the dimensional matrices linking the two parallel worlds are at their closest. The Justice League of America cross the dimensional gap between Earth-1 and Earth-2, materializing on an aircraft carrier. Suddenly, the Injustice Society of America appears.

The Justice League of America confronts the Injustice Society of America. The Justice League of America triumphs over the Injustice Society of America., but the victory seems to come a bit too easily. The Batman pulls off the Icicle's mask, to reveal the face of the Golden Age Robin. In quick succession the masks of the Injustice Society of America are removed, revealing the faces of the Justice Society of America. Worse, they're all dead, at the hands of the Justice League of America. Unbeknownst to all, Bates is the mastermind behind this horrific event.


  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Shazam in "Minerva Menace!".


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