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Adam Strange zeta beams into the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Not recognizing Adam Strange, the Red Tornado briefs himself, with data extracted from the Justice League of America's computer memory banks. Adam Strange announces that five members of the Justice League of America perished, on the planet Rann. Seeing the empty costume of the Black Canary, the Green Arrow goes berserk, and has to be physically restrained. Adam Strange recounts how several of his past nemeses had resurfaced on Rann. The first, a giant magnifying glass, incinerated his bride-to-be, Alanna.

The last, a giant bronze robot designated Borg, disintegrated the Black Canary, the Elongated Man, the Flash, the Green Lantern, and Superman. Adam Strange places the blame on himself, for failing to save the lives of his friends. A freak storm blacks out all of New York. The Justice League of America investigate. Adam Strange stays behind on the satellite. The process that removed all the zeta radiation from his body, allowing him to remain on Rann, has made the Earth poisonous to him. Aquaman, and the Red Tornado, engage the storm cloud, which has taken on the countenance of a living being. The Cloud Creature floods the Red Tornado's android brain with toxic fumes, while freezing the waters around Aquaman.

The Cloud Creature separates into three figures, resembling the Batman, the Green Arrow, and the Hawkman. The Green Arrow targets his cloud counterpart with an explosive arrow. The cloud Green Arrow absorbs the energy of the detonation, then returns fire with incendiary arrows. The cloud Hawkman circles the Hawkman, leaving a trail of small clouds in it's wake. The smaller clouds shape themselves into toxic birds, that swarm and subdue the Hawkman. The cloud Batman grapples with the Batman. The Atom emerges from the Batman's boot, and makes a run for it. The Atom is beaten into unconsciousness by a cloud Atom.

Kanjar Ro teleports into the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Kanjar Ro reveals himself to be the mastermind behind all that has happened to Adam Strange, and the Justice League of America. Adam Strange subtly signals for a Zeta Beam. Seconds before Adam Strange is transported back to Rann, he lunges at Kanjar Ro, stealing Kanjar Ro's energi-rod. Kanjar Ro watches as his Cloud Creature fells the last hero standing, the Green Arrow. Adam Strange finds that the energi-rod only responds to Kanjar Ro's brainwaves. Using Kanjar Ro's recorded brainwave patterns, from when he was incarcerated on Rann, Sardath creates a filter that allows Adam Strange to command the energi-rod.

Adam Strange surmises that Kanjar Ro would want to destroy the Justice League of America all at once, rather than piecemeal. Adam Strange commands the energi-rod to take him to where the Justice League of America is on Rann. Adam Strange is drawn to Rann's polar regions, where he discovers five black spheres, hidden away in a cave. Adam Strange uses the energi-rod to restore the Black Canary. Adam Strange then restores the rest of the Justice League of America. Adam Strange discovers a sixth black sphere, farther back in the cavern. Hoping against hope, Adam Strange uses the energi-rod to restore... Alanna.

Back in Ranagar, Alanna reveals that she was to be Kanjar Ro's failsafe, should his scheme to destroy Adam Strange, and the Justice League of America fail. Adam Strange, and the Justice League of America, return to Earth, to confront Kanjar Ro. The Cloud Creature strikes Adam Strange down. When the Cloud Creature turns yellow, the Green Lantern abandons his attack, opting to tend to his fallen comrades. Superman, and the Flash, team-up to destroy the Cloud Creature. The Black Canary beats Kanjar Ro into unconsciousness. With the case closed, the Justice League of America, and the Hawkgirl, journey to Rann, to attend the wedding ceremony of Adam Strange and Alanna.


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