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The Justice League of America have thwarted a rogue scientist's scheme to flood the southern hemisphere. The Flash discovers a crudely painted image of Adam Strange, caught in a Zeta Beam. The Justice League of America explain who Adam Strange is, to the Black Canary, and the Elongated Man. Suddenly, the Justice League of America are caught in Zeta Beams and transported to Rann. As the Justice League of America approaches the city of Ranagar, the Green Lantern is shot down, by an enormous floating gun. Superman, and the Flash, attempt to destroy the gun, to no avail. Adam Strange comes streaking in.

Having faced the threat before, Adam Strange uses the exact same tactics to disarm the weapon. This time, however, the tactic does not succeed. The Elongated Man, and the Flash, save the Black Canary, and the Green Lantern, from being vaporized. Superman stretches his invulnerable cape around the gun. When it fires again, the shot is hurled back down the barrel, destroying the weapon. Adam Strange is introduced to the Black Canary, and the Elongated Man. When asked about his wife, Alanna, Adam Strange reveals that she was recently slain. Adam Strange and Alanna had announced their engagement.

Rocketing over the Valley of Summaru, the day before their wedding ceremony, Adam Strange, and Alanna, were attacked by a giant, flying magnifying glass. Alanna was instantly incinerated. Before Adam Strange could avenge Alanna's death, the lens flew away. The Justice League of America are taken to meet with Rann's chief scientist, Sardath. Adam Strange believes Sardath brought the Justice League of America to Rann, to aid in the fight against Adam Strange's old adversaries. Sardath reveals that the Zeta Beam projector was tampered with, by an unknown party, who is most likely responsible for bringing the Justice League of America to Rann.

Unbeknownst to all, that unknown party is Kanjar Ro, who is also the architect behind Adam Strange's current woes. The Kallula, a giant platinum eating bird, returns to plague Ranagar. Superman slams into the Kallula, only to be struck unconscious by the impact, and plated in platinum from making contact with the bird. The Green Lantern's power ring beam flashes yellow as it skims across the bird's surface. Adam Strange feeds the Kallulla a poisoned bar of platinum, the tactic he used to defeat it in the past. Once more, the old tactic fails. THe Green Lantern, and the Elongated Man, fashion a slingshot, and hurl Superman's unconscious form into the Kallula, rendering it unconscious.

No sooner has the Kallulla fallen, though, then Borg rises up to challenge them. Adam Strange has the Justice League of America hang back while he engages Borg first. Realizing his old tactics will not succeed, Adam Strange alters his approach to disabling Borg. His new tactic to take out Borg's eye, however, also fails. Borg focuses it's eye on the Justice League of America, disintegrating them all, to Adam Strange's horror. Adam Strange gathers the uniforms of his fallen comrades. Back in Ranagar, Adam Strange makes preparations to return to Earth. With a heavy heart, Adam Strange goes to tell the Justice League of America that five of their teammates have met their end.


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