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Featuring the first appearance of Dr. Light! Snapper Carr is summoned to the Justice League Sanctuary only to find Dr. Light, who has transported the Justice League to a surreal universe from which they can't escape.

Doctor Light uses his powers to beam each member of the JLA to a world that will seal their doom. Aquaman finds himself on a world without water, Green Lantern on an all Yellow planet, Martian Manhunter on a world of fire, Superman on a world with a red sun, etc. How could the members of the JLA possibly escape from these carefully prepared traps.

Fortunately for the team, Superman had used his telescopic vision to check why he and Batman were being summoned to the JLA HQ. Seeing Dr Light sending the other JLA members to who knows where, Superman suggested that he and Batman change costumes just in case... and of course it worked.

Finding himself on a world designed to contain Batman, Superman rescued the Martian Manhunter and they in turn rescued the other members of the team.

The JLA then return to earth to prevent Dr Light's plans for world domination.

Another Gardner Fox story in which is crafted not only entertainment, but education also. Light's explanation to Snapper Carr about what happens when the electrons of an atom are stimulated should keep every parent happy!


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