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“WINNER TAKES EARTH!” Elongated Man, Green Arrow, Batman and Atom are added to the list of defeated JLA members as the Adaptoids proceed to take over the world! But when Hawkman and Hawkgirl return from Thanagar, they are unknowingly carrying the key to defeating the Adaptoids!

From their satellite headquarters, in orbit over the Earth, the Justice League of America survey the destruction wrought by the Adaptoids. The Adaptoids declare their intention to exterminate all life on Earth. The Elongated Man, and the Green Arrow, engage the Adaptoids. The Justice League of America desperately race to get a transporter lock on the Elongated Man, and the Green Arrow, before they are overwhelmed. The Green Arrow is struck down. The Elongated Man falls back, taking the Green Arrow with him. The Elongated Man is hit by the Adaptoids, just as the Justice League Transporter beams them up to the satellite.

As a result of their encounter with the Adaptoids, the Elongated Man cannot snap back into shape, and the Green Arrow has lost all muscle control. The Atom, and the Batman, engage the Adaptoids. The Justice League of America successfully pull the Atom, and the Batman, out of the conflict, before they can come to harm. Superman rails on over the Hawkman's abandonment of the team, during their darkest hour. The debilitating effects of the Adaptoids' attacks begin to wear off of the Justice League of America. The governments of the world begin to destabilize in the face of the threat from the Adaptoids. The world's populace begins to panic. Superman holds a council of war.

The Adaptoids storm the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Almost immediately, Aquaman, and the Atom, are struck down. The Flash, and the Red Tornado, lose control of their powers. Superman is forcefully hurled back against the Batman, and the Elongated Man. The Hawkman's starship docks with the satellite. The Black Canary is struck down, followed by the Green Arrow. The Hawkman, and the Hawkgirl, confront the Adaptoids. The Hawkgirl removes the helmet of her containment suit, exposing the Adaptiods to the equalizing plague of Thanagar. The Justice League of America instantly revives.

Now the equal of the Adaptiods, the Justice League of America rallies, and defeats the would-be alien conquerors. As the Justice League of America, and Hawkgirl, were rendered exactly equal to the Adaptoids, by the plague, all gained the Adaptiods' adapted immunity to the plague, after exposure. To be sure, the Atom runs some tests, before giving the team a clean bill of health. The Hawkman, and the Hawkgirl, ferry the Adaptoids to an isolated, uninhabited planet. The Green Lantern spreads the word, on Earth, that the threat from the Adaptoids is at an end. Cured of the equalizer virus, the Hawkman, and the Hawkgirl, can no longer return to the quarantined planet of Thanagar. They decide to remain on Earth, until a cure for the virus can be found.


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