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“I HAVE NO WINGS AND I MUST FLY.” Several Justice League members are ambushed by an attacker from outer space who resembles Katar Hol (Hawkman), and who find their superpowers scrambled as a result!

The Equalizer soars through Thanagarian space. The Green Lantern detects the Hawkman's starship, in orbit over Mars. The Green Lantern summons the Justice League of America. The Batman, and the Green Arrow, were already en route to the satellite, with Charlie Parker, the former Golden Eagle. The Batman clams that the Hawkman has returned to Earth, from Thanagar. The Hawkman, however, does not beam aboard the satellite. Superman determines that the Hawkman was never inside the teleporter. Leaving Parker behind, on monitor duty, the Justice League of America travel to Mars. The Green Lantern locates the Hawkman's invisible starship, with his power ring. On approach, Superman is struck by a shard of red solar matter.

The Justice League of America close on the Hawkman's starship. A pair of bladed, golden boomerangs are fired at the Green Lantern. Superman destroys one of the boomerangs. The Green Arrow fires on the second, but misses. The Green Lantern is struck, and rendered unconscious. With the passing of the Green Lantern's consciousness, the power ring bubble carrying the Atom, the Batman, and the Green Arrow fades away. All three heroes manage to land on the hull of the Hawkman's starship. Superman is struck again, and falls to Mars, along with the Green Lantern, whose power ring automatically protects him from a fatal fall. Strangely, the Batman finds his foot sinking into the hull of the Hawkman's starship.

The Justice League of America board the Hawkman's starship. The Green Arrow, and the Atom, attack the ship's pilot, Katar Hol. The Green Arrow misses again, accidentally taking out the Atom. Hol subdues the Batman, and the Green Arrow, then beams all three heroes to the surface of Mars. His mission complete, Hol sets off for Thanagar. The Justice League of America, recovering on Mars, begin to notice strange changes among themselves. The Green Lantern can barely focus enough will to power his ring. The Atom has grown to five feet in height, and become much stockier in build. The Batman can fly. The Green Arrow notices that they have all become the same height, build and weight. Hol reflects on the circumstances forcing his attack on the Justice League of America.

Hol had been called back to Thanagar. Upon returning, he discovered a strange ship crop dusting the entire planet. Hol investigated, as the Hawkman. Almost immediately, the Hawkman ran afoul of a crime in progress. The Hawkman gave chase, only to find himself physically growing smaller, then losing his power of flight. The Hawkman discovered that the entire planet of Thanagar was suffering from an ailment that made the entire populace the equal of one another. Transporting back to his starship, the Hawkman returned to Earth, to expose the Justice League of America to the plague, so that he might gain a portion of their super-powers. Now, the Hawkman, as Hol, returns to Thanagarian space, to confront the Equalizer.

The Green Arrow realizes that if the entire team focuses their combined will on the Green Lantern's power ring, they should be able to operate it. The Justice League of America use the power ring to follow the ion trail of the Hawkman's starship. Hol confronts the Equalizer. A space battle ensues. The Equalizer, however, is able to neutralize all of Hol's attacks. The Equalizer vaporizes Hol's starship. Hol is saved, from certain death, by the arrival of the Justice League of America. The Justice League of America confront the Equalizer, but prove no more able to overcome the alien than did Hol. When the Equalizer accidentally overestimates the necessary energy to neutralize the Justice League of America, thus imperiling them, the Equalizer blocks it's own attack.

The Justice League of America switch attack tactics to no avail. Realizing that the Equalizer will attack with whatever force is necessary to counter the Justice League of America's attack, the Green Arrow suggests hitting the Equalizer with raw hatred. Each member of the Justice League of America focuses their hatred on the Equalizer. The Equalizer vanishes in a brilliant explosion, that restores the Justice League of America, and Hol, to normal. With Thanagar quarantined, to prevent the spread of the equalizing virus, Hol officially petitions the Justice League of America to reinstate his membership. The Justice League of America votes unanimously for Hol's return to their ranks, as the Hawkman. The Justice League of America's defeat of the Equalizer becomes legend throughout the universe.


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