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“THE KID WHO WON HAWKMAN’S WINGS!” Answering the Justice League mail, Green Arrow investigates a letter from an orphaned teenager who claims to have powers like those of his idol, Hawkman, and to have become a crime-fighter in Midway City. Plus, while in their civilian guises, Wonder Woman and Superman visit a flying military fortress, which is suddenly knocked out of the sky in “THE CHALLENGE OF THE UNTOUCHABLE ALIENS!”

"The Kid Who Won Hawkman's Wings!"

The Green Arrow is called in, to take Superman's place, on monitor duty. Bored, the Green Arrow decides to go through the Justice League of America's mail. The Green Arrow comes across a letter to the Hawkman, from Charley Parker, and decides to pay Parker a visit. Upon arriving in Midway City, the Green Arrow spies a trio of criminal clowns, fleeing the scene of a robbery. Before he can act, the Green Arrow sees a young man, dressed like Hawkman, capture the clowns in a net. The clowns are dropped off in front of police headquarters.

A single feather, left behind as a calling card, leads Police Chief Emmett to believe that the Hawkman is acting, secretly, in MIdway City. The Green Arrow sees the young Winged Wonder come under attack, by the Matter Master. After rescuing the boy, the Green Arrow summons the Justice League of America. The young man, who goes by the name Golden Eagle, is revealed to be Parker. One day, outside the Midway City orphanage, Parker was playing, pretending to be his hero, Hawkman. A mysterious beam bathed him in strange light, giving him actual powers.

Suddenly, the Matter Master's Mentachem Rod appears before the assembled heroes. The Justice League of America, along with the Golden Eagle, rush the Mentachem Rod. The Mentachem Rod transforms the Justice League of America into timid animals. The Mentachem Rod then conjures forth the natural predators of said timid animals. The Justice League of America must fight against their natural impulse to flee their predators. Ultimately, each member of the Justice League of America overcomes their panicked impulses, to overcome the predator pursuing them.

Upon their triumph, the Justice League of America revert to normal. While the team was so distracted, however, the Golden Eagle vanished. The Mentachem Rod teleports the Golden Eagle to the Matter Master's secret lair. The Matter Master has mistaken the Golden Eagle for his arch-nemesis, the Hawkman. The Matter Master imprisons the Golden Eagle. Upon realizing his mistake, the Matter Master surmises that it was his own subconscious desire, to murder the Hawkman, that caused his Mentachem Rod to transform Parker into the Golden Eagle.

With the Hawkman back on Thanagar, the Mentachem Rod created a substitute "Hawkman" for the the Matter Master to destroy. The Batman beats the Matter Master into unconsciousness, while the Flash releases the Golden Eagle. The Golden Eagle found that the Mentachem Rod also duplicated the Hawkman's Justice League of America signal device, and used it to summon the Justice League of America. The Justice League of America use the Mentachem Rod to remove Golden Eagle's powers. Unexpectedly, the Hawkman appears.

"JLA Super-Villain Quiz!"

Two pages match the eight super-hero with his or her's arch-nemesis.

"JLA Puzzle"

Word search puzzle by Bob Rozakis.

Mastermind of Menaces!

This story was originally published in The Brave and the Bold #61 (August-September, 1965). A plot summary for this story can be found at the link.

"What's the Difference Between ..."

1/3 page two panels describing the difference between fog and mist.

The Challenge of the Untouchable Aliens!

This story was originally published in Justice League of America #15 (November,1962). A plot summary for this story can be found at the link.

"On the Planet Og"

1/3 page gag strip by Unknown.

Just a Story

This story was originally published in Comic Cavalcade #19 (February-March, 1947). A plot summary for this story can be found at the link.

Note: Insecticide Arrow used.


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