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“THE PAST’S FACE--POWER’S FUTURE.” Green Lantern already has his hands full when Superman asks him to do something about the fact that Pluto is missing and messing with the gravitational fields of all the other planets in the solar system. Unfortunately for him, he also has to deal with the return of his greatest enemy, Sinestro!

"The Return Of Anakronus!"

The new adventure begins with the JLA hosting the first ever National Super-Thon. Superman and Black Canary are hosting the segment that kicks off the story . A new villain emerges on the scene taking Snapper Carr's family hostage, claiming that he will use them to take revenge against the Justice League. Anakronus apparently knows a lot about the Carr family and claims to know everything about the League. Snapper calls his bluff saying that he would also know that Snapper has not spoken to the League in years ever since his betrayal. (JLA 77. However, Snapper did get an invitation to the JLA 100th meeting but he was too ashamed to attend). Anakronus claimed to know the League since he fought them when he stood beside the TIme Lord. (JLA 10). He begins to tell a story of the battle.

He claimed that the JLA destroyed his equipment and was going to demand the 10 million dollars that they raised. Snapper tries to tell the villain he remembers the League telling him about the Time Lord adventure. Anakronus interrupts and calls the television station, demanding the 10 million and was told off by Green Arrow. Elongated Man, Green Lantern and Black Canary attempt to calm GA down, thinking it is another crank call. An enraged Anakronus said he defeated them before and will do it again. He continues his story and explains how he defeated Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern. Then Anakronus shoots at the person who is entering the house (Janet Carr). Snapper comes to his sister's defense but is hit on the back of the head with the gun. Snapper attempts to calm the villain down by asking him how he defeated Superman and Martian Manhunter.

Snapper knows this villain is a fraud but he is forced to call the Super Thon and talk to the League. Snapper continues to sidetrack Anakronus by asking why he would want revenge if he defeated them. A shocked Anakronus claimed that he offered to release them if they repaired his equipment. He then claimed that the JLA broke their promise and attacked him. A seemingly impressed Snapper continued to egg Anakronus on. He claimed to have used a chronal-transmuter to devolve the JLA into cavemen and then amoebas before they vanished into nothing. A starry eyed Snapper then asked: "How come the JLA is alive and kicking." The confused villain claimed his gun must have worn off. Snapper gets through to Green Lantern, who is more than nice to Snapper. Snapper explains the hostage situation and uses some hints to tell GL what he wanted.

Green Lantern responded by saying "consider what you've asked for as good as on its way." Instantly the Atom comes through the phone wires but Anakronus shot at him and while he missed, it altered the Atom's angle thus negating maximum effect from his atomic punch. Then Red Tornado and Elongated Man (the League's newest members) come through the front door and RT is shot but unharmed. Elongated Man and the Atom team to take Anakronus down. It turned out he had a .45 automatic fancied to look like a ray gun. Snapper then realized that he was right all along for thinking that the villain was a basket case. He gave the clues of the retelling of a story that Snapper would have heard of but didn't and then saying that the Martian Manhunter slugged it out with a fire breathing dragon. (MM is vulnerable to fire, even a lighted match.)

So that was all Snapper needed and he was appreciative that Green Lantern understood his clues. Elongated Man calls GL to tell him that all is well and they will fill him in on the details when they return. The Atom asked one final question, wondering why Snapper did not use his signal device. Snapper claimed he was not sure it still worked, but the Atom then asked Snapper why he still was wearing it. Snapper then comes clean saying that he did not know if he still had the right to use it. The story ends with the 3 Leaguers leaving the house with Anakronus in captured and Snapper smiling while watching the end of the Super Thon (They raised 10,658,242 dollars). The final note was that this story was dedicated to the JLA creator Gardner F. Fox

Just A Story

This story was originally published in Comic Cavalcade #18 ( December, 1946-January, 1947). A plot summary for this issue can be found at the link.

JLA Heroes Of The Past

J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter From Mars, Metamorpho, the Element Man, Snappr Carr, Wonder Woman and Zatanna acknowledge their past history with the Justice League of America.

Crisis On Earth-Three/ The Most Dangerous Earth Of All

This two part story was originally published in Justice League of America #29 ( August, 1964) and Justice League of America#30 ( September, 1964). A plot summary for these issues can be found at the links.

This issue also features puzzles and trivia pages.


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