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Uncle Sam recaps the events of the previous issue. The Doll Man, the Golden Age Superman, the Green Arrow, and the Phantom Lady scale the mountain, Fujiyama, in Japan. They conceal their approach by joining a religious procession. The four heroes subdue the Nazi soldiers standing guard around the the mouth of the extinct volcano. The interior of the volcano appears empty, but the Golden Age Superman sees through the concealing camouflage. With one mighty blow, the Golden Age Superman shatters the camouflage, revealing an immense robot, housing the Nazi mid control device. Having learned from it's counterpart's destruction, in Paris, the robot switches to a different tactic of defense.

Should the heroes attempt to destroy it, the robot will sink Japan.The Golden Age Superman calls the robot's bluff, and strikes it, setting off a series of tremors. The robot was not bluffing, and makes good on it's threat. The Golden Age Superman flies off to save Japan. With the departure of the Golden Age Superman, the robot deems the threat from the remaining heroes to be insignificant. The Green Arrow fires a volley of arrows at the robot. The Phantom Lady protects the Green Arrow from the robot's counter attacks. Suddenly, the robot begins to malfunction, ultimately ceasing all activity. The threat to Japan at an end, the Golden Age Superman rejoins his comrades. The Doll Man reveals that, under cover of the Green Arrow's opening assault, he stole away inside the robot, and shorted out it's operating systems.

Though the mind control device has been destroyed, the Phantom Lady can detect no discernible difference in the populace. The Black Condor, the Elongated Man, the Sandman, and Uncle Sam storm Mount Rushmore. As the heroes near the robot, it begins activating defensive measures. After getting through it's defenses, the four heroes attack the robot in unison, to no avail. The Elongated Man notices a bird hovering, stationary, over their position, and realizes the robot is merely an illusion. After locating the actual position of the mind controlling robot, Uncle Sam destroys it, with a single blow. Though the mind control device has been destroyed, Uncle Sam can detect no discernible difference in the populace.

Returning to their secret headquarters, the Golden Age Superman accuses the Freedom Fighters of being traitors. A fight breaks out, with the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, on one side, and the Freedom Fighters on the other. The Freedom Fighters realize that the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, have succumbed to the Nazi mind control device. Unaffected, the Red Tornado homes in on the mind control weapon's energy signature, and tracks it back to a Nazi base, in orbit over the Earth. The Red Tornado is welcomed inside the base. Adolph Hitler offers the Red Tornado the chance to join the Nazi Party. The Red Tornado strikes the Fuhrer, literally knocking his head off. Hitler is a machine.

The robot weapon, housing the mind control device, is the true master of puppets. Having determined that human beings were inferior, the machine consciousness, surreptitiously, took control, replacing the leaders in the Nazi party with android duplicates. Seeing a kindred spirit in the Red Tornado, the machine consciousness welcomed him aboard, in the hopes of enlisting the Red Tornado as an ally. The Red Tornado sends the Nazi base crashing to Earth. With the tyranny of the machines finally defeated, the Freedom Fighters stand ready to aid their world in rebuilding. Using a device recovered from the machine consciousness, the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, make contact with their respective Earths. The two teams fade away, leaving Uncle Sam to wonder if he will ever see them again.


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