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Ralph and Sue Dibny are visiting an art museum, when putty men begin stealing the frames. Dibny intervenes, as the Elongated Man. The putty men overwhelm the Elongated Man, prompting his wife to come to his rescue. Despite the Elongated Man's best efforts, the putty men escape with the frames. Feeling the case is too large for him to solve alone, the Elongated Man summons the Justice League of America. Just a week before, the Green Lantern had come to invite the Elongated Man into the ranks of the Justice League of America. After the Elongated Man has briefed the Justice League of America on the case, the team splits into three teams, to investigate sightings of putty men.

The Atom, the Flash, and the Green Arrow travel to the town of Desolation, where putty men are stealing coal out of a mine. The Atom, and the Flash, carry the fight into the mine. The Green Arrow is prevented from firing his arrows into the mine, for fear of them triggering an explosion of coal gas. The Green Arrow joins his comrades in the mine, only to have his actions inadvertently release a pocket of coal gas. The Atom, the Flash, and the Green Arrow succumb to the gas. Suddenly, a cyclonic wind clears the coal gas from the mine. The Atom, the Flash, and the Green Arrow recover quickly, but are unable to stop the putty men's escape. Unseen, a shadowy figure withdraws from the scene.

The Black Canary, and Superman, confront the putty men, at an auto plant in Motor City. The Black Canary is immediately repelled, falling unconscious on a conveyer belt. With Superman occupied combating the putty men, he is unaware of the Black Canary's peril. Suddenly, a cyclonic wind lifts the Black Canary off the conveyer belt, before she is crushed to death. Despite Superman's best efforts, the putty men escape. Unseen, a shadowy figure withdraws from the scene. The Elongated Man and the Green Lantern confront the putty men, on an oil rig, off the coast of California. The Elongated Man plunges into the Pacific Ocean, while grappling with the putty men.

When the Elongated Man doesn't surface, the Green Lantern dives in after him. The Green Lantern can find no trace of the Elongated Man. During his search, the Green Lantern blindly stumbles into a patch of golden seaweed. Unable to escape, the Green Lantern is on the verge of drowning, when a whirlpool lifts him up to the surface. Unseen, a shadowy figure withdraws from the scene. Back aboard their satellite headquarters, the Justice League of America is in shock over the Elongated Man's apparent demise. The team receives a Justice League of America distress signal. The Justice League of America tracks the signal to the Everglades, where they discover a strange alien hive, manufacturing putty men.

The Elongated Man appears. Disguised as one of the putty men, the Elongated Man was able to follow them back to their secret lair. The hive triggers it's self-destruct sequence. With the hive protected by a powerful force field, the Justice League of America work together, to tear a hole in the field, big enough for the Atom to get through. The Atom attempts to disable the hive, but fails. The Elongated Man rescues the Atom, who has become trapped within the inner workings of the hive. Suddenly, a cyclonic wind bowls the Justice League of America over, and lifts the hive into orbit, where it explodes harmlessly. The shadowy figure steps into the light, revealing himself to be the Red Tornado.

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