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Earth-2 is on the brink of destruction, held in the inescapable grip of a celestial claw. The Seven Soldiers of Victory hold the key to resolving the crisis, but they are lost in time. The Justice Society of America have called upon the Justice League of America, to aid them in retrieving the Seven Soldiers of Victory, from whenever they are. The Oracle, a cosmic entity of unimaginable power, has sent the two teams, throughout time, to complete their desperate quest. The Black Canary, the Green Arrow, and Johnny Thunder appear on the North American plains. After a brief squabble between the Green Arrow and Johnny Thunder, as to who the Black Canary is going to accompany, the three heroes come across a Native American village. There, they see the Vigilante being walked out to a funeral pyre.

Johnny Thunder summons his Thunderbolt, but his magical servant does not appear. Before the heroes can take action, they are ambushed and subdued by the tribesman. The heroes are brought before the tribal chieftain, who accuses them of trying to steal the tribe's land. The heroes break free of their bonds, and release the Vigilante. A pitched battle ensues. The Black Canary sees a herd of buffalo stampeding towards them. The Thunderbolt, finally, appears. Hiccuping violently from exposure to the cheiftain's magic dust, Johnny Thunder has trouble issuing commands to the Thunderbolt. Finally saying the magic words, Johnny Thunder commands the Thunderbolt to dispatch the buffalo. The Thunderbolt transforms the buffalo into butterflies. Their mission a success, the Oracle draws the team, with the Vigilante, back to the present.

Aquaman, the Green Lantern, and Wildcat appear in the prehistoric past. They spy a tribe of cro-magnon men, who have trapped a wild animal in a cave. Suddenly, the heroes see a distorted image of the Star-Spangled Kid. Due to the presence of a thick yellow fog, the Green Lantern's ring construct, carrying Aquaman and Wildcat, fades away. Wildcat tears into the cro-magnons, fighting his way to a personal duel with their tribal cheiftain. Inside the caverns, the team split up to search for the Star-Spangled Kid. Aquaman finds the Star-Spanged Kid, who has isolated himself away from the cro-magnons, due to his illness. The caverns suddenly flood. Aquaman swims the Star-Spangled Kid out, until they are picked up by the Green Lantern. The rain, having washed the fog away, has enabled the Green Lantern's ring to function again. Their mission complete, the Oracle draws the team, with the Star-Spangled Kid, back to the present.

The Flash, the Red Tornado, and Zatanna appear on a small Mediterranean island. There, they discover Speedy, transformed into a centaur, and under the hypnotic sway of Circe. The Flash demands Circe turn Speedy over to them. Instead, Circe has Speedy attack the three heroes, with enchanted arrows. Upon contact, the Flash is transformed into a half-man-half snail creature. Zatanna becomes half-hummingbird. The Red Tornado becomes half-mole. By Circe's command, the Flash and the Red Tornado are compelled to fight to the death. By controlling the vibration of her wings, to make sounds, Zatanna is able to "speak" her enchantments, reversing Circe's transformations. The Red Tornado disarms Circe, then destroys her magic wand, freeing Speedy from her enchantment. Their mission complete, the Oracle draws the team, with Speedy, back to the present.

At last, the Justice Society of America, the Justice League of America, and the Seven Soldiers of Victory stand assembled together, in the present. One mystery still plagues Johnny Thunder. Having recovered all seven of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, who is buried in the Unknown Soldier of Victory's tomb. The Crimson Avenger reveals that it is his sidekick, Wing, interred in that tomb. It was Wing who delivered the Nebula Rod that destroyed the Nebula Man, sacrificing his life, while at the same time, hurling the Seven Soldiers of Victory through time. The Iron Hand enters, holding Diana Prince hostage. Prince feigns fear, then severs the Iron Hand's right hand, before flooring him with a judo toss. Prince demands the Iron Hand destroy the celestial hand holding Earth-2. Unfortunately, the controls were in his mechanical hand, now destroyed from her attack.

Doctor Fate tasks the Seven Soldiers of Victory with recreating the Nebula Rod. Once the Nebula Rod has been recreated, Superman takes it into deep space, to charge it with the ambient energy of the universe. The Nebula Rod must be delivered, by hand, into the heart of the celestial hand. As Wing learned decades ago, nothing that lives could survive the explosion created by those forces. While the Justice League of America, Justice Society of America and the Seven Soldiers of Victory are debating who should sacrifice himself to save the world, the Red Tornado takes the Nebula Rod. The Batman reads the Red Tornado's suicide note. An epic detonation is seen throughout the world. Neither Doctor Fate, the Starman, or Superman can find any trace of the celestial hand, or the Red Tornado. The Crimson Avenger comforts the Hourman, as both men mourn the loss of their friends, Wing and the Red Tornado.


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The last of the three part story arc involving the Justice League and the Justice Society searching for the 7 Soldiers of Freedom. It contains a similar dynamic to the previous two entries in this story arc, but devolves into some more basic silver age storytelling by the end. The established format is used as the characters find those scattered over time, though the Circe segment is kind of weird. The ending is a bit forced and involves too many jumps in logic, from the threat of annihilation t...

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