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"The Hand That Shook The World" is the 2nd part of a three part story to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the JLA. Joined by their old friends the Justice Society, the League are on a mission to find the 7 Soldirers of Victory. Trouble is, neither team - nor anyone else for that matter - can remember who the 7 Soldiers of Victory are. The reason for that is due to a battle which the 7 Soldiers had with the Nebula Man. Despite conquering the Nebula Man, one member of the team perished in the battle and the others were sent spinning back in time.

The reason the 20th Century heroes must find the 7 Soldiers is that a Nebula Hand is now cupping Earth -2 in a threatening grasp. And unless world domination is handed over to the criminal known as the Hand within 36 hours, the Nebula hand will begin to close, causing the destruction of the Earth. Thanks to an all seeing being known as the Oracle - this was a long time before Barbara Gordon owned the name - the JLA and JSA have been sent back in time to where the 7 Soldiers are now located. Only Diana Prince is left behind at JSA HQ to wait for any other members to arrive.

Green Lantern, Mr Terrific and Robin turn up at JSA HQ and Diana tells them all that has happened. Frustarated at not being able to help, the trio head for the grave of the unknown soldier of Victory - and on the way save a couple of kids from an earthquake - caused by the ever so slowly closing Nebula hand.

Meanwhile, Superman, Metamorpho and the Sandman find themselves back in the days of Ghengis Khan, where the Shining Knight is acting as his personal bodyguard and is worshipped as a flying "god" by the people. With the Shining Knight in their ranks, Khan's army seems unstoppable. Metamorpho fails to convince Sir Justin that he is not an enemy and has to form himself into a vapour in order to escape. The next day, the Three heroes are all that stand in the way of Khan and his horder intending to overrun a small village. As Superman flies into comabat with the shining Knight, he soon realises that Sir Justin's powers are based on magic and that he is helpless against him. To the astonishment of Sandman and Metamorpho, Superman tells them to hold the fort - as he has something else to do! Manfully becoming a tank and battling Khan's army with sleeping gas, the two heroes hold their nerve as Superman moves the village! When Sir Justin recovers his senses he is his old self and the 4 heroes are returned to the present by Oracle.

Hawkman, Wonder Woman and Doctor Midnite find themselves breathing the fresh air of medieval England - but before long they are under attack from a band of archers. They are in Sherwood Forest, Nottingham and the bowmen have mistaken them for the Sherrif's men. Turns out that their leader - Robin Hood - is due to hang the following morning at the Castle. The three heroes lead Robin Hood's men in an attack on the castle and under the cover of his blackout bombs, Dr Mid-nite frees Green Arrow who was mistakenly being held as Robin. As the 4 heroes escape, Green Arrow explains that he switched places with Robin when the latter was injured in a clash with the Sherrif's men. The real Robin was now recovering at the home of a friendly monk. With that, Oracle returns the heroes to their own time.

Meanwhile, Batman, Hourman and Starman are back in ancient Egypt, where one of their slaves is none other than the powerful Stripesy. As the three heroes attack, they are mistaken for "gods" but just as the tide is turning in their favour, one Egyptian holds a sword to the throat of Stripesy and the heroes are forced to surrender. Shortly afterwards the heroes are in the middle of a pyramid - left there to die with their hands and feet tied. After Batman ingeniuosly engineers and escape, Starman summons the astral energy of his cosmic rod to show the 3 heroes the way out of their underground maze. Reaching the surface, the see Stripesy free himself - Samson style- and the four heroes rout the Egyptian slave drivers. To Stripesy's disappointment - he wanted to slug a few more Egyptians, the Oracle returns the heroes back to the present day.

The issue concludes with a pensive Diana Prince in JSA HQ unaware of the presence of the evil Hand behind her. Story continues next issue.


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Whereas the previous issue focused on the efforts to bring together the members of the Justice League and Justice Society, this issue focuses mostly on the action aspect of the heroes, each of them broken into groups of three to venture through history to find the missing heroes. There is a familiar format here, as the heroes appear in the new time, get captured and then fight their way out of trouble. Compared to the previous issue there is maybe not as much weight here, as the characters ar...

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