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Best-selling author Brad Meltzer and superstar artist Ed Benes bring you the final chapter of "The Lightning Saga," as the villains are revealed!

(Five Minutes Until Impact) It is a free-for-all brawl between the current members of the Justice League of America, The Justice Society of America, the time-traveling members of the Legion of Superheroes, and a giant, green tentacle monster. Members of both the JLA and the JSA with heightened senses know something is amiss. While they can see and feel the enemy that they are fighting as well as the Legion members, they sense nothing there. Using his enhanced vision superman hones in on Sensor Girl's ware-abouts--and he is angry. Flying like a blur through the sky over the battle he rushes and grabs his former teammate. Sensor Girl winces in pain and tells Clark that he shattered her shoulder, despite a worried Superman having barely touched her. Power Girl looks deeper and reminds Clark not to trust his eyes, but to use his senses. Superman has been fooled yet again by Sensor Girl.

(Four Minutes Until Impact) The real members of the Legion of Superheroes are currently stationed at specific points in various cities around the world: Tokyo, Central City, Smallville, San Francisco, Gotham City, and Keystone City. (Three Minutes Until Impact) Jay Garrick arrives at Keystone city to talk to Dream Girl. He realizes that she has been lying all along about not being able to see the future, and attempts to talk her out of whatever she is planning on attempting. She says that his being there is not important if her real job is to stall the only one fast enough to stop everything from happening. Jay calls her bluff and assures her that he is not the fastest member on the team as Power Girl, Green Lantern, Red Tornado, and Superman arrive simultaneously at the locations of other Legion members. (Two Minutes Until Impact) Ensuring that he is not tricked again, Superman scans across the entire spectrum to verify that Sensor Girl is actually in front of him, but is only truly convinced when he smells the salt in her tears. Then Superman notices the lightning rod in her hand. She informs Black Canary that the Legion members are planning on sacrificing one of themselves to bring back one of their members.

(One Minute Until Impact) Batman and Mr. Terrific arrive in Gotham City. Batman explains the technology to Mr. Terrific, and Terrific asks what right they have to stop the event before them. Batman likens it to suicide and the two are off. (Forty-two Seconds Until Impact) Around the globe members of the JSA and JLA reach out to the Legion Members asking them to step down. As everyone reaches out to stop them the Legion Members activate the force-fields in their flight rings. (Fourteen Seconds Until Impact) Black Canary activates a device that Batman and Mr. Terrific designed to negate the force-fields (Batman learned about this when he was originally studying the flight rings). The fields buckle for a moment, then repair themselves. Not only had Brainiac 5 designed the force-fields to be impenetrable by the current teams, but they are also self-repairing.

Each member of the Legion prepares themselves for the possible oblivion that awaits them. Only Karate Kid remains without his shield up. (Impact) With his lightening rod aimed to the sky, lightening pours over his body. The other legion members begin to fade away before the eyes of the JLA and the JSA. Karate Kid had brought back not only Wally West, but his wife and children as well. Still alive, Karate Kid begins to fade away as well. Starman gives his ring to Mr. Terrific because he doesn't want to fade away with the others. In The Fortress all of the members exit this time period through their portals except Karate Kid who is told that he cannot go back: his mission is only beginning. The two teams are pleased to have Wally back, and in the future Brainiac is pleased that they brought back who they wanted.


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Well Finally! 0

Being mostly a marvel man myself this crossover had my thoroughly confused. Now its over and I understand what happend. Brad Meltzer's prose writing is really good, but this arc was to steeped in random DC mythology and a jumpy narrative. The first arc was great, but this one let me down. This issue almost redeemed the arc though. Ed Benes's Pencils are spot on and have a nice look to them. The issue was easy to folow and out everything together. Wally West is back and i hope he tays

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Wally West, The Flash, has returned. Bart was better. :-p 0

Good conclusion to a great story. The cover with those three very gorgeous women drawn by Michael Turner was great and I should frame it. I have never seen Power Girl done better. And look at the attitude on Canary's face. Wow.The art inside was great too. Ed Benes is a great artist. Everything has flow and I enjoy that and there aren't any extra muscles that are not real.The story also flawless...thank you Brad Meltzer...I have enjoyed your work for a while now and it is even better here.Sensor...

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