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    A New Team

    This has been a series that I have been looking forward to for a long time now. Ever since it was announced at the end of Justice League #12 that this series would be coming out I was very happy. Although there has been multiple Justice League series out previously at the same time this is the first time I have gotten more than one, and that's mainly due to Geoff Johns writing both series, and the big event that was teased in DC Comics - The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1 featuring both teams.


    After the events of Throne of Atlantis Amanda Waller finally sees an opportunity to start her own Justice League, the Justice League of America, but here reasoning's are very questionable. Former Justice League liaison Steve Trevor is enlisted to help put this team together, a team which consists of Martian Manhunter, Catwoman, Katana, Green Lantern (Simon Baz), Vibe, and Hawkman.


    This was a brilliant start to the series, and if the series follows in this pattern I'd be surprised if it doesn't become phenomenal. Johns has done brilliant work in the past, but I can see this series being amongst his best work. I must say that I really wanted to give this issue a 5 star rating, but unfortunately there was one thing that stopped it from being perfect, and that was the lack of team. Fair enough you need a set-up to start a brand new team, but that's what took away from the suspense, and also loft no teamwork, meaning that so far it's not much of a team book, but that should soon change.

    I'm really happy that David Finch is back as a proper artist. Don't get me wrong it's not that I didn't like his art in the Batman: The Dark Knight series, it's just that his bad writing made the series bad, and not even his art could make up for that. There are some artists that aren't cut out for writing, and although I'm not saying that Finch isn't capable of writing something good, it's just that if Dark Knight was his best effort he should stick to art. I've loved Finch's art in everything I've seen it in, but I have a feeling that his art in this series will be the thing I love the most. I really like how he draws every character, and that although he's keeping to their design that he's adding his own unique touch. I do however hope that he doesn't try anything to extreme like he did in Dark Knight, as I didn't like his versions of Two-Face or Penguin, which was done to extreme changes. I also love the detail, and emotion in his artwork, as it is very suspenseful, with a dramatic tone to it.

    The thing I was looking forward to the most in this issue was the members of the team. Although they'd already been shown in advertising artwork in the past, I was still looking forward to seeing them in the series, probably more so now that I know who they are. The thing I really like about this team is that it has character that I'd either not read in solo series, or are in poor solo series (Hawkman, and Catwoman for instance), so it's nice to see them in a series where they have a chance to shine. What I never thought whilst waiting for this series was what characteristics the members of the new JLA have with the members of the other League. I obviously knew that Catwoman and Batman had a lot in common as they know each other very well, and it was also obvious that this league would have their own Green Lantern in Baz to counter the other League's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, but besides that I never gave it a second thought. There is however a page that shows the members lined up against their counterparts, and some of them are interesting, and logical choices, but others don't make much sense. The only question I do have is that due to this League having more members than the others where do the extra members fit in, or are they just back-up.

    Although I said a bit about this earlier I will talk a bit more about it now. One of the thing I'm happy about with this series is that Hawkman may finally have a chance to be brilliant again. I've been getting his solo series, but before hearing it's cancellation was going to drop it anyway, as it was very disappointing. Now knowing there are only four issues left I will probably get them, but I hope that this is a much better series for him, as I really enjoyed him in the JSA series. Another character that I will be happy to see in a decent series is Catwoman as her series is also very poor at the moment. It will also be interesting to see what Baz will have in the future of the series, cause unless the series can handle both Hal, and Baz without losing quality I'd prefer Hal getting the series back, with Baz being one of the main focuses in this series.

    What was also interesting was the way Waller, and Trevor got along in this issue. It's obvious that they both have very different personalities, morale's, and opinions, so it was interesting to see them working together, and actually agreeing on some things. I will however be looking forward to their professional relationship in the future of this series. Also the Suicide Squad reference was also a nice touch, although expected.

    The absence of Green Arrow in this issue was something that caught my eye. I noticed that Waller and Trevor talked about him being a member of the team, but ultimately decided against it. This was an interesting thing as I expected Green Arrow to be the leader of the new team so was shocked that he wouldn't even be in it. I will however say while trying not spoil anything that this doesn't mean that he won't be in the series, as he's clearly stated in the cover, and other artwork. Talking about the leader of the team that is also an interesting question. Although the other team has no official leader it's regarded that Superman is the closest thing to a leader, but with this team it's more questionable. Although Waller, and Trevor are commanding the team it looks like Martian Manhunter will be leading them in the field, but with all the other different personalities flying about will everyone agree with this. On the other hand I may be looking to far into this, and Waller, and Trevor will most likely be fully in charge, especially as it looks like Trevor will be out i n the field with them, but with all the personalities it'd be a wasted opportunity to not at least have a sequence discussing it.

    There was also a mysterious character in a mask going about during the issue. I won't talk much about it as the finish of the issue involved him, and was very shocking, but I will say that the addition of this character in this issue really added to the tension, and suspense, and I think it was a really good choice, all be it slightly weird. There is also a group of villains skulking about that appear to be the Secret Society of Super Villains. They don't really do much in this issue, but it does add more questions, as well as more suspense to the series. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them in this series, as it should be very interesting, and entertaining.

    Final Verdict

    This was a terrific start to this series, and giving the type of series it is it couldn't be any better. I wish I could give this series a 5 star, but it's not quite their due to it being a bringing together/introduction issue, but it's still very good, and I expect it to have a 5 star issue very soon, if not the next issue. I would highly recommend this issue, and am looking forward to the next one, as I'm very interested in this series now, more so than before.

    Rating: 4.5/5

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