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    The march toward TRINITY WAR begins with part one of “WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS”!

    Green Lantern! Green Arrow! Catwoman! Katana! Vibe! Hawkman! Stargirl! They aren’t the world’s greatest super heroes—they’re the most dangerous! But why does a team like the JLA need to exist? What is their ultimate mission? And who is pulling the strings?

    The story opens five years ago with Professor Ivo and a mysterious figure in the shadows. It then quickly turns to today and a shadowy figure running from what looks like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman but, they don't seem themselves. The story then turns to Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor building the roster for the new Justice League of America with flash-fowards of each member as they appear currently. Waller already knows how to get them on her team by controlling them.

    As they go through the seven members of the team it is revealed that they believe these are the best team to take out the big seven Justice League is need be (Their big seven has Cyborg instead of Martian Manhunter) We also find out that the mysterious figure running away from Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman is none other than Green Arrow. Unfortunately, he bleeds to death only being able to tell Steve Trevor the groups name the Secret Society.


    The cover is an homage to the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.

    The end of the comic has a Channel 52 News Team segment.


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    A New Team 0

    This has been a series that I have been looking forward to for a long time now. Ever since it was announced at the end of Justice League #12 that this series would be coming out I was very happy. Although there has been multiple Justice League series out previously at the same time this is the first time I have gotten more than one, and that's mainly due to Geoff Johns writing both series, and the big event that was teased in DC Comics - The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1 featuring both teams.Pl...

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    I love this line up and I'm so tempted to get the next. 0

    It was my Birthday my dad was feeling nice so he got me this as a present and Uncanny X-men #1 as well.This line up I really like it is so different from other teams it really is a mismatched bunch of characters Catwoman, Martian Manhunter and then Stargirl? Who wouldn’t be interested to see that also I love David Finch and I wanted to see what he would add to this book so yeah I was really excited.PlotAmanda Waller talks to Steve Trevor about the Justice League and the danger they represent and...

    8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Justice League of America #1 Review 0

    ***SPOILER FREE REVIEW***To begin, it's best to read this AFTER both Justice League #17 and Vibe #1 (also debuting this week). It creates a bit of a more cohesive narrative this way.Anyways, here it is. The much talked about debut of Justice League of America. With an interesting lineup of characters, and two very high profile names attached to it, readers can expect to demand alot from this series. Luckily for us, the creative team of Geoff Johns and David Finch delivers!When this comic was fir...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.
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