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The team's first test

Great start for the series. The team has barely formed, many of these heroes are inexperienced or have not worked together so they start with small tasks which I think is the right decision. But learning period doesnt last long because when Ryan and Frost jus finished installing their HQ's alert systems, they are warned of an alternate Earth incursion by Lord Havok and the Extremist in New York.

The JLA doesn't wastes time and quickly engages the threat but the inexperience of the members is shown quickly and when Havok is about to end the life on our heroes Batman has to make a choice.

So far so good, the art and coloring is spectacular although I dont like how on some shots Batman's eyes are painted black. Because members are on separate missions before regrouping for the fight there is little interaction between the characters but still I like the voice of each one and there are some good lines here and there

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