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Zippy Reviews #2: Meet the Extremists!

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This has been so far one of my favorite Rebirth titles. It's first issue brings so much to the table to the point that that it gets pretty overwhelming. Some people might feel that way because of Justice League which was a complete let-down, right from the first issue. I'm not sure if I just got completely attached to New 52 Justice League or it was a bad start..... Yeah the first issue could have been much better. Now, I'm going to cut the crap and get to the point. We'll be going through the stuff I like most about this issue and why you, yes you pleb, should spend your $2.99 on this comic.

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I'm pretty sure everyone could remember what the New 52 did to Lobo. I have to say it was a decent try to reinvent Lobo but sadly it ruined the character. I haven't finished reading Suicide Squad vs Justice League so this is the first time that I really got to see him in Rebirth. I think it was a brilliant idea adding him to the group. You have to admit any type of group whether it's your group your friends, a band or a superhero group, they always need some sort of a comic relief. I couldn't think of a better place for Lobo in Rebirth.

Ray Terril is a character who haven't been with the League in ages. This could be the perfect opportunity to spread out his wings. If you didn't know, Ray is one of those characters DC shoved into the darkness during the New 52 event. Being in Rebirth and in a new group could give us a potential good character. He has so much to show to everyone and that is one of the things I'm most excited about.

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The art on this thing is just breathtaking. Everyone looks damn good (heck Black Canary especially). Even if the story was crap (which is never happening by the way), I still could see myself following the series. The style reminds me of Jason Fabok's work. If you guys don't know, Jason is one of my favorite artists.

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So far I could say that this had been the most interesting Justice League of America lineup. Two new memberswith a super-villain background made this group seem as bad-ass as X-Force (except for Ryan). There haven't been any decent X-Comics lately so I'd like to pretend like this is DC's own X-Force with all the characters I like (nope, not Ryan. lol).

I have a feeling that this is the series that will be opening it's arms to old and returning characters. I was expecting the same for Justice League but sadly, it didn't happen. Lobo's presence here could be a sign to everybody. Think of all the characters that could make their first appearance here. Now, wouldn't that be pretty god damn epic.........

One thing I could say I didn't like here would be Ryan Choi. He was presented like a lab rat who'll seem to be spending most of the time proving himself to the team and saying a bunch of cringey ass jokes. It might be too early to say stuff like these but I could sense it happening again and again.

I just don't see him bringing much to the table from where I see it. There are just some other characters that I'd be much happier to see with this group but I'm honestly crossing my fingers the series would prove me wrong otherwise.


Get this issue. If you aren't too keen with the story, do it for the art (*whispers* Black Canary.....). If you're following Justice League, I say drop that get follow this one instead. This series will obviously have more relevant story, better art and characters.

Welp, I hope you suckers liked my review (no i'm not really that desperate for approval). If you did, do tell me on the comment section.


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