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I had been reading this series for a while but dropped it mostly out of frustration after most of the female members got removed in one fell swoop by the explosion at the UN.  The resulting mess was like a pastiche of international characters and was not that engaging for me.  I do have a bizarre fascination with final issues though, I like reading them even if I haven't been reading the series itself because I like to see how the writers handle the challenge of wrapping up what they thought to be a few years of story lines and character development in one issue.  That was somewhat the case here, because it seemed like the first part of this issue was the same kind of messy non-engaging material that got the series to where it was, but then there were the last few pages.  In these few pages (spoilers ahead) the series moved from average JLI story to 52 redux (by that I mean the series 52).  Time traveling Booster shows up and informs them that something is very wrong.  What is wrong?  Well it seems as though Superman and Wonder Woman kissing is wrong, but it is left there.  Also Rip Hunter is around monitoring things?  This may in fact be the start of the answers for the entire DC universe and they tucked it away in the back of an issue that people were unlikely to read.  Strange decision, but it sure ended the series on a bang.  

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