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    Guy Gardner wakes up from the knockout punch Batman laid on him earlier. Before the fight he had given his power ring to Blue Beetle who just tossed it aside. While searching under a console Gardner gives himself a good crack on the head.

    Meanwhile, in a place that's not a place, Doctor Fate had teleported a movie theater containing much of the Justice League and the Gray Man to another dimension. The Gray Man was unimpressed by this until Doctor Fate revealed where they really were when he forced the Gray Man to face the Lords of Order again.

    The Lords of Order reveal to the Gray Man that what he thought was his curse and punishment was actually a gift from the Lords of Order. The Gray Man still does not see it this way. To the Gray Man's delight, the Lords of Order relieve him from his duties and destroy him. The Gray Man has peace at last. The Lords of Order tell Fate that there are others who can take over the duties of the Gray Man.

    Doctor Fate returns the building and the League to Stone Ridge which is now back to it's normal state. The residents of Stone Ridge are all back to normal too. Doctor Fate leaves to attend to his duties and the Creeper scurries off. The rest of the League returns to headquarters via Blue Beetle's Bug.

    At the United Nations building in New York, J'onn J'onnz meets with Maxwell Lord. Lord has set some events in motion that have to do with the League and the UN.

    Back at HQ, Mister Miracle argues with his wife, Big Barda, on the phone while he's on monitor duty. The computer notifies him that Hal Jordan, the original Green Lantern, is approaching. Jordan has come to give Guy Gardner a lecture about his attitude and the way he represents himself and the Green Lantern Corps in case Maxwell Lord's plans for the Justice Leagues pan out.

    A mysterious figure monitors Maxwell Lords office as he and Oberon debate with J'onn J'onnz about Lords plans.

    At the White House, Superman gives his recommendation to go through with Maxwell Lord's plan for the Justice League to President Reagan.

    Captain Marvel returns to HQ after healing from his encounter with the Gray Man and his battle with the Martian Manhunter, to find a very confused Hal Jordan and Mister Miracle. It turns out that Guy Gardner took the lecture from Jordan quite well and with an open mind. It appears that Gardner has had quite a change from the bump to his head.

    Jack Ryder reports on his TV show about what transpired in Stone Ridge but with a very anti-Justice League spin. Colonel Rumaan Harjavti appears as a guest to tell his story about how the Justice League meddled with his country.

    In a large globular satellite in Earth's orbit a computer analyzes data and determines that there is no chance that the United Nations will accepting "our proposal". So to change the odds, it strikes earth with a huge orbital laser strike.

    Martian Manhunter leaves Maxwell Lord to join the rest of the League to deal with this threat. Maxwell Lord seems to know who or what is the cause.

    With the help of S.T.A.R. Labs, the Justice League take a space shuttle to take out the orb. The battle is televised world wide from cameras transmitting from the orb. Mister Miracle finally recognizes something about the orb and he deactivates the laser.

    After the the world has seen the Justice League in action protecting Earth from the satellite, the United States and the U.S.S.R. agree to back Maxwell Lord's plans as long as they take on Captain Atom and Red Rocket #7 as new team members.

    The whole team is now at the UN and Mister Miracles explains that the satellite used technology from New Genesis that they used for training. One of it's main features was that it would protect it's trainees if something went wrong. The satellite was no threat to the League at any point.

    Meanwhile, the Security Council debate over to accept Maxwell Lords plans. Lord wants the UN to give the Justice League international status. Some fear that the Justice League would have too much power and the UN would have limited control. In the middle of the arguing Superman enters and asks to say a few words.

    Back with the members of the League, Batman argues with Maxwell Lord about the plan but Batman does not have the support of the rest of the team.

    A chipper Guy Gardner shows up late and tells Batman that Doctor Fate left him a message saying that he must decline regular membership of the Justice League. Captain Marvel then announces that he can not make the commitment an international league would require and he is leaving the team. Batman steps down from being team leader due to the international team having such a high profile. He suggests that J'onn J'onnz lead the team now.

    With that, Maxwell Lord takes the team team to the General Assembly room to introduce the Justice League International.


    • A 48 page issue.
    • Two creators on page 7 panel 1?
    • Captain Atom and Rocket Red #7 cameo appearance.
    • Captain Atom and Rocket Red #7 join the JLI.
    • Captain Marvel and Doctor Fate leave the JLI.
    • Batman steps down as the leader of the JLI.
    • Martian Manhunter was selected as the new leader of the JLI.
    • The last appearance of the letter column titled "Justice League."
    • Series and numbering continued from Justice League #6.

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