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It's all in the Character moments

Soap Box: Well the first 5 issues of this relaunched JLI series have, in my opinion, ranged from not good to ok. I fully expected after this issue to be my last. However, Jurgens and crew (fill in artist Marco Castiello)hooked me finally. So one more arc has been ordered and I am hopeful for the first time since the relaunch. The Good: As my title suggests it is the character moments that make this issue strong. From Booster and Batman to Godiva and General at Iron these interaction feel organic and "real". This is how I would expect them to act when being working or just being together. The advice the Bats gives Booster is right on point. The JLI might work with the UN but it doesn't need the UN to exist. The art by Marco Castiello, while not perfect in every frame, is kinetic and his facial expressions are spot on. I am a fan of Mr. Lopresti but would not mind seeing Marco on future issues. The bad: It took five issues to get here. Rocket Red's "voice" still seem off from the great Generation Lost mini series. What you should do: If you have avoided the series since the less than stellar first issue this is the issue to read. I hope that you will find it a great entry point and give the series a go.

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