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This is the first of the 'New 52' I have read...


I liked this issue. Dan Jurgens has always kept me entertained with his writing. I thought the introduction of team members as part of the story was clever. I liked the exchange between Booster Gold and the UN representative, when he first arrives. I have been a fan of Aaron Lopresti's work for years, and this is no exception. Lopresti's work is complemented greatly by Hi-Fi's coloring. I really like the group of characters selected as well(not sold on Godiva yet). I liked the ways Booster, Guy and Batman were handled (I singled them out do to their 'screen time').


The story seemed kind of rushed at times. I wish there had been more time to explore the members themselves. So far, I'm not sure about Godiva. I know it is an international hero team, and it makes sense, she was on the Global Guardians (another UN sanctioned team) previously. The first page looks off to me. I think it's just the composition of the image. I miss Blue Beetle, Ted Kord :(


I liked it, overall I think it was a good start. Jurgens has worked with many of these characters and is a great writer, the art is solid and perfect for the book. It is a great book, and I plan on reading issue #2.


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Dan Jurgens is a solid comic writer as well as artist. It appears this incarnation is well liked over all.

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