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Justice: With a Dash of Everything.

After being introduced to the JLI in Justice League: Generation Lost, this was one of the books I was most excited for. And it didn't disappoint me. 
The Good 
This is a fresh start for the JLI so anyone can jump on board. Booster Gold Might have been chosen as leader because the U.N. thought they could control him but Batman knows better and supports Booster. And Booster doesn't disappoint. He immediately starts acting like a responsible leader, directing everybody on strategies and formations into teams before they are interrupted. I also laughed at the part when Booster asks Batman in the U.N. knew he was here and he replies, "I've always enjoyed your sense of humor Booster." We also get to see the personalities of the team, ranging from Guy's stubbornness to Rocket Red's stereotypical Russian attitude, but hey, that's why we love him. He makes it work. This is an excellent team that is far from being in perfect sync but it gives us plenty of character development for them. 
The Bad 
Blue Beetle is dismissed by the U.N. as being too "inexperienced." Hopefully we'll see him on the team someday after his book gets a firm standing. 
This is great for anyone who wants something different or looking for characters of different cultures. This team has something to prove to the world and to themselves that they can function properly. Can't wait for issue #2! 
Mystery Woman Hunt 
The mystery woman present when Barry "fixed" the universe is on page 8 panel 1.

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