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Where did he go?

This wonderful comic continues, starting right in the depths of checkmate, albeit in disguise. What follows is, in my opinion, an intense, gripping escape scenario, with great pacing, that pulls you in to the end. There is plenty of character interaction here, with Rocket Red providing humor which lightens the tone slightly, but of course without detracting from dire peril the team is under. 

Good Points

Aaron Lopresti's art is perfect for this book, the characters are colorful and broad, and help set the tone that the vastly-improved Judd Winick has set with this book. I thought the character development element at the end of the book was very strong and believable, lets not forget these guys have no one else to turn to but themselves and that is portrayed well here. Finally, i loved the ending, my mind was wondering was one character was going to do next, then boom, that feeling of 'Got to have next issue' now kicked in.   

Bad Points

The book is scheduled to last 26 issues, and with that comes pace-setting. The pace here is fine, however the escape scenario took up almost all the book, so the recovery scenes felt a little too fast in the end, considering the emotion involved.  


I love this book, and certainly have no intention to quit reading it anytime soon, it has all the elements of Booster Gold which i love, and Maxwell Lord is a truly menacing antagonist. This is issue was one of the best so far, bring on #9!!!

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