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DC Comics' biweekly Justice League event continues! Justice League International (J.L.I.) has re-formed and tracked Maxwell Lord to Checkmate Caste headquarters. Their plan is simple: break into Checkmate Castle, one of the most heavily guarded facilities on the planet, and capture Max so he can pay for his crimes. But Max has more than one trick up his sleeve as he turns the entire world against the (J.L.I.) and shows Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire, Ice, Blue Beetle and Rocket Red what it truly means to be lost...


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Generation Lost Hasn't 'Lost' It's Mojo. (Excuse the bad pun) 0

Let me start by putting my pre-conceptions out there, I love this title, I have from the start. Maxwell Lord is a completely brilliant villain, in both character and writing. Booster Gold is a delight to watch, Rocket Red is even bigger comic relief, and evrything is great. I'm also previously a huge fan of Judd Winick for Under the Hood and of Keith Griffin for I Luv Halloween and a lot of other things (Though the latter is oddly absent from this issue). Point is, I'm predisposed to already lov...

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Review: Justice League Generation Lost #7 0

While the the JLE's having no luck in changing the world's mind about the existence of Maxwell Lord, they decide to take a new approach to getting into Checkmate's secure facility - - stealth.  The Good   It's a funny and sensible for this unofficial JLE to hoodwink Checkmate's savy defenses by pretending to be radical communist Rocket Reds. I especially love the guards' consternation about  being accused of being anti-communist. I've also been enjoying the logic and reason the team's pitting ag...

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This issue was hilarious to read all thanks to Gavril.I will admit he might a bit offensive to some that actually believe in communism (wich in that case why are you reading comic books,it's own by a capitalist company) but as we seen he's kinda of a hypocrite,he has a blog and he is just happy being in the Justice League (even though this isn't the League).What else is cool aout this issue is that we start with Max getting his White Lantern vision just like in Brightest Day #7.This issue does a...

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