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    DC's biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues here! Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire, Ice and Blue Beetle track a mysterious villain to Russia only to find themselves face-to-face with an angry Rocket Red Brigade! When one of the Rocket Reds decides to defect and join our heroes, they all soon realize that the Justice League International is once again complete...but why, and for what purpose? The mystery deepens as this BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in continues!

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    Back in the USSR 0

      This series continues to impress me!  Giffen and Winick are a great team.  I never though that I'd say this but Winick is killin' it!  and no Winick haters that is a good thing!  The only fault that I really have found with this book is the rotating art team.  Bennett, Dagnino, and Lopresti.  Not that any of them are truly bad but their styles are quite different and I definitely have a strong preference for Lopresti.  Thankfully this issue finds Mr. Lopresti at the helm of the art department....

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    Review: Justice League: Generation Lost #5 0

    The reformed Justice League International finally gets to confront Maxwell Lord, only to find that he might actually have good intentions for bringing them back together?   The Good This is a character-driven... no, character propelled book. Every action, every transition, every surprised stems from these heroes. The scene where Captain Atom has to escort a doomed Red Rocket away to his death was powerful. The original Red Rocket's explanation to Ice of his motivations for rejoining the Justice...

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    Memories of the future and past. 0

    Story: Booster is remembering from the future when he got in trouble for staging football games for money or something like that. Back to the present. Our team is Ice, Fire, Rocket Red, Captain Atom, Booster Gold, and Blue Beetle. Max shows up as a hologram talking to the team saying that there is no chance they can defeat him and that they shouldn't even try. They try to trace the signal but no results. It was a self destruct message connected to one of the Rocket Red guys so Captain Atom flys ...

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