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From an ending... comes a new beginning

It's finally come to a close. For the past year we read about these heroes who risked it all to stop a madman when they were alone. This was a truly spectacular issue. A great end to this maxi series but it is not truly the end. In the coming months we can look forward to the new ongoing monthly series that revives the Justice League International. In this issue we saw Booster Gold have his showdown with Max Lord, mano a mano, or something like that. Meanwhile the JLI fought against OMAC PRIME with all of their abilities, copying AMAZO, but with a little scarab added to copy tech. The fight was narrated by Blue Beetle III, who took great control of the fight. We got some good lines from Rocket Red and Captain Atom took back his power which would come in handy with Max. 

Beetle knew how to beat OMAC PRIME because he knew of the one mistake Max has repeated over and over: he messed with the Blue Beetle. Jaime charged in with his plan to use the scarab in OMAC PRIME against him, because all scarab tech listens to him. Then he pulls out a super-mega cannon to blast OMAC PRIME into oblivion in the name of Ted Kord.

Booster, meanwhile, is falling to Earth in a kamikaze attack on Max, who turns on Booster's suit. But Captain Atom shows up and threatens to send Max God knows where unless he made the world remember him. Unfortunetly, Max escapes and posts a video on Youtube which makes him look innocent while clearing Captain Atom of his "crimes." This really pisses off the JLI, who had fought so hard. Batman informs Booster Gold of his plan to reform the Justice League International, leading to a new series.

As I write this I have to think back on all the characters that made this book great.

Booster Gold
The man who once came back to be a hero for glory has matured over the years into the hero he really is and the leader of the JLI. I expect him to fill the shoes of the Martian Manhunter when it starts. Throughout the book Booster has been involved with the search for Max, but the League wouldn't involve him. Ironically enough, it is Booster who finds Max. He becomes determine with bringing Max to justice and avenging his best friend, Ted Kord, who had been killed during Max's first strike several years previously (in our time). Booster is then forced to take control of the new JLI formed by Max when they are the only ones who can stop him, with each loss dealing  a harder blow to him. Magog, Checkmate, and, most of all, Jaime, whom they thought had been killed. Booster is one of the most emotional characters and that is what makes him a great hero for us, if not the world of DC. Booster Gold, the Greatest Hero You've Never Heard Of.

Captain Atom
Born from an accident decade ago Captain Atom is one of the most dangerous heroes on Earth, being able to unleash so much energy. But he's also no longer human. In this book we see how he suffers from that, not being able to sleep, eat, or maybe even die. Max took his legibility away from him and made it look like he killed thousands in Chicago. Captain Atom keeps popping back to the future (not punning, just words) where he learns Max's actions in pieces, but it is enough to know he must be stopped. Captain Atom goes through great emotional stress as he deals with peoples' deaths and his own struggle with himself. In the last issue, he threatens to send Max to an unknown location when he blew, but when Max met his demands he let him go, saying, "I'm a man of my word. A man." Captain Atom may no longer look human, but what makes us human? Is it flesh? Good looks, hair, clothes? No. It is our emotion within us that makes us human. Captain Atom has shown that he is human through his emotions and honor, which is more than some humans have.

Fire, agent of Checkmate. Formerly, due to Max. This now rogue agent is forced onto the team when she is believed to have mental problems. She speaks of her family problems and her own as the book goes on. She never wanted to be on the team but stayed when Max had to be stopped. Fire has committed horrible acts in the past, which we learn when she is on the verge of death, believing she'll go to hell. Fire has shown herself to be a compassionate woman, especially with Rocket Red. 

This goddess if ice is forced into the action by her own teammates and by Max. She always expected the worst to happen, after everything she went through. We even learn of her own past where she was to be used by her people, thieves, murderers and such, but was protected by her father, who died at her hand while protecting her, which he didn't mind. Ice held firm after this and stayed with the team against Max.

Rocket Red
Newcomer Rocket Red, following the former Rocket Red, is a great laugh. Hero, communist, tech genius, romantic, he wouldn't be complete without any of these qualities. While the JLI didn't initially like him he was the first to put the JLI together and prove his worth to the team when he was hit hard. Rocket Red always gave a good laugh and was romantically drawn to Fire, who returned his feelings. Rocket Red has shown how much he understands human beings/aliens as he compares them with machines, such as when he said that everyone has weaknesses, and not just one or two, for machines have a lot of bugs. Rocket will make a great addition to the team and to the DC Universe.

Blue Beetle
And last but not least, Blue Beetle III. The third in a line of heroes, Jaime is dragged into this with an army of OMACs attacking his house. When Jaime left the Titans he wasn't expecting to join up with the JLI on a manhunt but he went with them, even when he was against it from the start. Though he initially didn't remember Max the scarab informed him which put him on track. He showed his awesomeness in the second half of the book when he saved Fire's life and was captured by Max. He withheld hours of torture from Max, later escaping and being a real bas-ass while at it. It was the first time we saw Max in a pinch. When Jaime was shot the world stopped for me. Jaime was the reason I started buying comics and his death was too much, even though we knew it was coming. To all Ted Kord fans I know how you felt now when he was shot. Max underestimated the scarab though which shattered the bullet and healed Jaime's brain bleed. Jaime informed his team of what Max was planning and stepped up against OMAC PRIME, destroying him in the name of Ted Kord, one of his role models. Jaime is only seventeen years old but has now joined the JLI, way ahead of many fellow and former Titans. I can't wait to see more of him in the future monthly series (bring his book back while you're at it also DC).

Max Lord
We also can't forget the great villain of the series, Max Lord. Max pulled off the greatest trick by making the world forget him while he searched for Wonder Woman. And all the while he manipulated the JLI so he could gain Checkmate and find Wonder Woman. What makes Max interesting is that he doesn't think of himself as a villain and does his actions in the name of the greater good. We see how much how was affected by his mother which led to everything he did. Even when he is stopped he still manages to pull a fast one, and escapes. I'm sure we'll see a lot more of him in the future monthly.

This has been one of the greatest comics I've ever read and can't wait for the JLI monthly, which I've been hoping for. This series has been far too awesome to end. To the world, we now reintroduce the JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL!

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