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The End is Near: Finally?

Justice League: Generation Lost is winding down to its end, which may be seen as a tragedy for JLI fans or a welcome note to those who would criticize it. There's some good action in this issue, but is it what the title needs?

The Good

At this point, I'm glad that the series is winding down (for reasons outlined below). Its finally reached its focus; its "so what" moments? Heroes are starting to finally to come around to the League's insistence that Maxwell Lord is up to no good and we're finally licking out lips in anticipation to see the bad guy get his teeth kicked in. Combat against OMACs is always fun because there's so many of them, but it's nothing particularly new; we get a good sense of the gravitas of the situation, but we all know their shtick by now.

The Bad

I've been following this series since its inception because I'm a fan of the JLI-era league and the characters that make them special. However, it's 23 issues in and it just seems like they're making major progress towards its conclusion just now. I feel like this issue could have taken place maybe four-five months earlier, especially if it meant that the whole "Blue Beetle is dead... again!" storyline didn't take place. The introduction of a new OMAC threat just seems a bit late as well, and if the end is really coming (like the tagline reads) it will be a very big rush to tie all together. The fact that the new OMAC Prime mimics Super-Skrull doesn't exactly win it points for originality, either.

The Verdict

I'm worried for the end of this title. At this point, I'll buy the last issues just to remain complete, but just throwing a badly-paced ending out of nowhere just seems like a matter of poor planning. At the moment, I'm also wondering what the trade paper-back format is going to be like: the story is too long to combine into one volume, yet its too slow starting up to divide into any story arcs.

Pick this title up if you're a fan of the JLI and want to see this story through to its end. Otherwise, give it a pass in favour of stronger Brightest Day tie-ins.

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