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Review: Generation Lost #21

The members of the loosely-reassembled JLE cope with Blue Beetle's seeming death - - and Booster takes it the hardest of all of them. 

The Good

It's always tough to avoid things getting maudlin in "requiem" issues like this without skipping over the necessary reactions characters need to go through. Thus, Winick pulls of a great balancing act here that, above all else, feels fitting. From Booster's avoidance to Captain Atom's existential searching to Rocket Red's almost zen-like peace about the kid's passing... this feels like real people handling tough problems.

The Bad

Facial expressions in this issue seem to be locked almost entirely in a state of "combat grimace" - - even when the situation isn't appropriate. This was particular the case during the make-out scene between Red Rocket and Fire. What was supposed to be light and flirty was actually rendered with the strum und drang of some kind of brutal torture scene.

The Verdict - 4/5

Superheroes are often described as soap operas in capes and this leisurely-paced bi-weekly feature certainly fits that description to a T. The character feel so real, though, that the whole experience is more akin to being an invisible bystander in the events instead of merely a removed observer. Even the slightest surprises feel much more gripping for that.

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