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Death in the Family

After the the emotional cliffhanger last issue this picked up the comic well. AS he stands over Blue Beetle's body Max recalls his past and we learn how the master criminal came to be  - even if he doesn't think that. Max went through something that's tough for kids, the lost of a parent, but what made him different was that his mother really screwed him up. She kept indoctrinating him about power and not playing by the rules until her death in the infamous destruction of Coast City tore him down. He even had a friend to friend talk with Booster until he made him forget. 
Booster goes into a rage in the present after seeing Jaime shot by Max, repeating the events of Infinite Crisis, but probably far worse because Booster saw Jaime get shot and was unable to help rather than be in a hospital unable to help. Booster is mad enough to want Max dead but Max slips away. After the JLI land they try to save Jaime with Red Rocket and Skeets doing everything they can, but were too late. The Blue Beetle had died. 
This was a really good issue as it showed that Max had a dark history that made him see more humane and shows that he truly believes that he is the good guy and that he is sorry for all this.  But now a great hero has fallen to hi once more and some things can't be forgiven. I'm sure that Jaime will still pull through. Brightest Day ain't finished yet!

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