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Nothing Happened in this issue!


We start out where we left off last time. Nobody remembers Maxwell Lord except for Fire, Ice, Booster Gold, and Cp. Atom. These four try to remind all the heroes who Maxwell Lord is. Maxwell now has a high place in authority and Cp. Atom tries to stop him. It's Magog and U.S. Army versus Cp. Atom. Cp. Atom gets away. Now people think that Ted Kord killed himself when Maxwell shot him in the head. The issue ends with the four being sent to the new Blue Beetle. 
Writing: For me this was a filler issue. It just restated what we already knew from the last. 
Character: I love the characters in this series. I like how they are all written in handling the situation as a team. 
Dialogue: I really only like Skeet and Guy's dialogue. 
Art: The art for me was pretty good. 
Cover: I thought the cover was interesting. 
Penciling: I thought it was good, but I didn't like how Fire and Ice were drawn in this issue. 
Coloring: Very good. 
Favorite pages and why. 
I really didn't have a favorite page in this issue. 
Reasons to and not to pick up. 
Reasons to pick up:
Great to see where Ice and Guy stand in their relationship. 
Reasons not to pick up: Nothing happened in this issue! 
Verdict: Do not pick up! 2 OUT OF 5!

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