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Now u see it now you don't!

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When I first read about this series I was not at all impressed or even remotely considering picking it up.  Brightest Day, hell yeah!  Not JL: Gereration Lost.  Then the concept started to evolve a bit and started sounding interesting to me.  The final nail came when I read an interview with Winick and Giffen on another site.  I liked how the two seem to work off each other and I said to myself (yep talking to myself is common) that if these two can work like this in an interview what do you think they can do in a book.  So issue one came around and I were on board and were impressed.  Winick's script was smart and well paced.  The breakdowns worked well with Lopresti's art. The series was out of the gates well! 
It should be noted that the series will have 3 rotating artist whose style and quality is differ a bit.  This separation could lead to some issues being out of the park and others well not so out of the park.  The writing, if it remains strong, will carry the book with whichever of the three artists is drawing, even inspire of them.   
With my preamble done, onto the review of this the second issue of Generation Lost. 
Our team, Fire, Ice, Booster, and Capt Atom, find out that they can't make anyone see what they see!  Some criticism of the series after the first issue was that there had to be pictures of Max and they would just have to show them to the super hero community to get them to know that this maniac was on the loose again.  Well I'll say that is answered very well in this issue.  We are treated to a tour around the DCU finding out that our protagonists are in deep trouble or just being ignored.   
Giffen and Winick have these characters down.  I love what they are doing with them.  On a sad note I dropped Booster because I didn't want to return to the JLI days, I know odd that I am buying this and not that.  My answer is that this is not full of BWAHH or whatever moments that the JLI was nor is it filled with the forced humor that I read in Booster #31.  This story is fun but not silly.   
The art this week is done by Joe Bennett and I'll say he still is not my favorite artist.  Some panels were good while others not so.  As compared to Aaron Lopresti, Bennett’s not in the same league.  Serviceable and that is it. 
If we had a better artist I would have given it a 5.  With all that said it is still a great book that you all should be reading!

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