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Issue 19 in Justice League: Generation Lost. 

The Story: We get a flashback with Jaime telling Paco and Brenda about Dan Garret and Ted Kord the 2 previous Blue Beetle's.In the present Beetle sends out a distress signal to the rest of the team,Power Girl leaves to warn everybody else.The team breaks in but Beetle gets shot by Max. 
The Good: Winick does a great job with humour especially in the beginning with Paco and Brenda interrupting Jaime while he was giving the history lesson of the Beetle's,another small moment between Gavril and Skeets and Fire and Ice arguing while bringing up there recent moments of going rogue and trying to kill the team.And suprisingly I didn't find Dagino's art to be dull and boring in this and I have no idea why.Also this shows how much of a badass Max Lord is and if the JLI get a new ongoing I want to him to be a recurring villain. Also Checkmate's base is friggin awesome.
The Bad: Power Girl leaves but I guess it's not to complicate what is happening in her ongoing and some of the faces Dagino draws are a bit odd. And another Beetle might die but he wont since they didn't keep this a secret.
The Verdict: This is another great issue that really moves the plot along and shows that the climax of this maxi-series will be HUGE,with good writing and okay art you need to read this series.Wich by the way the first trade collecting the first 6 or 7 issue's of the series (sorry it doesn't say how many issue's).This is a buy.

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