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Poor Max.

Issue 15 of Justice League: Generation Lost. 
The Story: We have Max screaming on the top of his lungs "WHAT THE @#$% DO YOU MEAN,"WHO IS WONDER WOMAN?!"",showing that Winick is using the current status of Wonder Woman's book and new origin and in Australia the JLI found out that only Fire,Ice,Booster and Cap Atom still remember her but not Rocket and Beetle and at the end they get attacked by the Creature Commandos and Fire gets shot.

The Good: Winick using the current status of the Wonder Woamn book to his advantage and piss off Max is simply awesome and hilarious.This adds a new twist to a great series and pushes Max forward to continue his plan whatever it may be.The debate between Booster and Cap Atom was simply great,showing Nath wanting to just become a monster like he thinks he is to simply kill Max but Booster not letting him do that so thta they can properly capture hi and beat the living crap out of him like Booster wants to for obvious reasons.I have no idea who the Creature Commando's are but to whoever knows who they are props to Winick to use them.The conversation between Fire and Ice was nice showing how good friends they are and how understanding they have for each other.And Joe Bennett gives us great art as usual. 
The Bad: The problem with the Wonder Woman angle is when did it happen ? In the first issue we saw her in her regular outfit but when did she transform ? It doesn't help that JMS has left both titles he was writing in order to make a sequel to Superman: Earth One so all I can do is following the reviews of her series to see if this is mentioned somewhere. 
The Verdict: This series just keeps getting better and better ever since issue 13 and im hopping and sure that it will end with a huge pay off and a new JLI series.This is a definite buy and if you wondered about this series go get all the previous issues it is worth it.

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