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DC's biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues!

In issue #14, the JLI has been framed for murder. Now, hunted by Checkmate and put on the world's Most Wanted lists, our heroes are exhausted and pushed to their limits – which is why the Creature Commandos choose now as an opportune time to attack them!


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A Future Generation of the Justice League 0

It's another trip into the future for Captain Atom, despite what the solicitation claims, and it's even more fun the second time since this time we get to meet a future version of the Justice League.  What so often kills these kinds of one-off trips to different realities or time periods stories is that writers put no real thought into them. The characters feel like something the creators probably came up with on the spot or during a lunch break. This is definitely not the case in this issue. It...

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Like an injection of pure Awesome 0

This is certainly the best of all brightest day runs. Not only does it keep getting better, but this one has set the mark. It's crazy how amazing this single issue is. incredible infact. If you're not reading Generation Lost, what's wrong with you.  To correct another reviewer, Captain Atom has absorbed the mass nuclear energy released by Magog last issue. As previously seen, when Nate went to a possible future with the moon missing a chunk, such an absorbtion causes him to be flung into the fut...

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The future still suck's but pretty awesome. 0

Issue 14 of Generation Lost.  The Story :Cap Atom is once again sent into the fute but now he is only 112 year's in the future and meet's this era of the Justice League,wich consist's of Power Girl,Damian Batman who use's the Lazaurus Pit to survive,a different Shazam,Plastic Man's clone,J'onn J'onnz,Dick's descendent who is Red Hood,The Creeper who is part cyborg,Blue Beetle's descendent called Blue Scarab and a Black Canary who is a descendent of Hawk and Dove.They go to the moon to destroy th...

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