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In issue #12, Ice has had enough and unleashes all of her inner fury, not only against the Metal Men, but against her teammates, as well! It's Fire versus Ice in the ultimate elemental showdown!



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*Insert title that relates to the comic book here* 0

Issue 12 of Justice League: Generation Lost.  The Story:We start off with a narration talking about different ways off life of gypsies and we learn that Tora was apart of one tribe called "Is Bygd",were she couldn't control her powers unless somebody  calmed her down.At the same timew in the present we see her going nuts with her powers and quickly turning down the temperature to below 30 degree's.Fire tells Rocket Red to get the Metal Men out of there while she calms Tora down.When she touches ...

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I Know, It's a TERRIBLE Pun But... Ice, Ice, Baby. 0

 The Good: Wow, there's a lot of emotion in this issue. We find out a lot about Ice's backstory, and how she became the character she is today. I came into this series barely knowing her at all, and she came off as understandably withdrawn, but her complaints grew too frequent and they became one of the worst things about this series (Which isn't saying much because hardly ANYTHING is bad about this series) and it still doesn't completely justify it, but it made it a lot more understandable.The ...

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Cold Truth? Cold Crap. 0

HA HA! This comic was in fact, probably unintentionally, extremely racist.  Apparently, all Gypsies are in fact, evil. The big reveal of Tora's back story is now, instead of taking one of the very few, nice, slightly whimsical and pleasant characters in DC, who is just a pleasure to read under most writers, they've turned her into what can only be described as a 90's Parody Revamp.  So, we begin with the horrid statement that Tora is in fact, a Gypsy. This is fine. Romanies aren't that bad. It's...

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