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The European branch of Justice League International headed by Captain Atom. The team was formed by Maxwell Lord after realizing that too many heroes on a team is as bad as too few. He learned this at recruiting party at the Justice League Embassy in New York when a group of Shrunken Khunds mistaking attacked a room full of heroes. The Khunds got away while the heroes were tripping over themselves to be the one to stop them.


The Justice League was created for the series Justice League Europe. The series ran 50 issues and was later changed to Justice League International.


Original JLE

The original incarnation of the Justice League Europe (JLE) was composed by Power Girl, Wally West, Animal Man, Elongated Man, Wonder Woman, Metamorpho, Rocket Red (Dmitri), and Captain Atom. They were originally stationed Paris but later moved to London. Over there time they gained members (Crimson Fox, Silver Sorceress and Blue Jay) and lost others (Animal Man and Wonder Woman). They were helped by an staff composed by Sue Dibny, Catherine Cobert, and Stinky (Power Girl's pet cat) among others.

This incarnation endured until the Breakdowns saga, where several members, including their leader, Captain atom, left the league. In the Justice League Spectacular one-shot Aquaman and Dr. Light joined the team. Later new additions Hal Jordan and Tazmanian Devil would increase their line up. The team changed its name to Justice League International after a fight against Sonar who had sized the control of the Red Rockets Brigade. Was then when new member Maya joined the team.

This new International brach had several adventures helped by other characters as Erewhon, Lionheart and Geoffrey, and endured until the attack of the Overmaster. However in the aftermath of this adventure and in the eve of Zero Hour, the International branch was dissolved.

Starman (1994)

A second yet brief incarnation was resurrected by ex-member Crimson Fox, who had obtained the approval of the french goverment to put together a new JLE. Recruiting ex-JLA/JLE/JLI members Firestorm, Blue Devil, Amazing Man and Ice Maiden, Crimson Fox had them to be active in Paris. However they were tricked by Nash, the daughter of the golden age supervillian Mist. Diguised as Ice Maiden, who was tricked into leave the country, Nash set deadly traps which killed Crimson Fox, Blue Devil and Amazing Man. After the death of their advocate, the JLE project was abandoned.

This team made only one appearance in Starman 38(1994 series).

Doomsday Clock

A new incarnation of the JLE has been mentioned in the Doomsday Clock storyline. Being described as part of the France initiative to respond to the Supermen theory,as part of the army race of super powered soldiers, France name Crimson Fox as the leader of a team composed of Fleur-de-Lis, the Hunchback, the Musketeer, NightRunner and Thief of Arts. It is unclear which Crimson Fox is the leader yet or how she returned from the dead.


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