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The Gray Man attacks the Justice League International. Will the Lords of Order and the Lords of Chaos be able to take him on? Will Power Girl survive the battle?

The Teasdale Imperative Part 4 of 4

Somewhere in the Balkians, Doctor Fate finds herself kicked out of the Realm of Order, and has an uncontrollable urge to find the Grey Man.

Meanwhile 10 miles away at Stagg Industries factory, the Justice League America and the Justice League Europe are surrounded by infected villagers and UN troops. The infected aren't yet attacking, they are just standing on the outside of the electric fence. This leaves time for the two teams to discuss what to do, but before they can make a decision the Grey Man and Irwin Teasdale phase thru the fence and past them, into the factory and right up to the vats that contain the "vampire gas".

The Grey Man is stopped by Doctor Fate before he can release the gas, but not before Irwin orders the villagers and UN troop outside to commit suicide. Their Soulstuff feeds the Grey Man and he is able to swat Doctor Fate away. Upon gaining their power the Grey Man grows in size. Power Girl is hit with a blast of magic, but Captain Atom and Rocket Red are able to detract Grey Man just enough so that J'onn is able to make off with the vats.

It looks like Simon Stagg and Java are going to sneak away but they run into Irwin who thinks he has the upper hand but Grey Man steps on him and kills him for failing him. Stagg and Java sneak away in a helicopter, a fact the angers Metamorpho.

It look like Grey Man may be unstoppable when the Spectre shows up with the Lords of Order and the Lords of Chaos. The Lords of Order feel that the Grey Man has stolen their Soulstuff and The Lords of Chaos felt like Grey Man threatened them. Their ruling is to take away the Soulstuff and take away all of Grey Man's memories and let him wander the earth forever after.

Days later back at the JLE embassy, Captain Atom discusses with Catherine that Power Girl is still unconscious from when Grey Man hit her and is still in ICU.


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