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The JLA arrives in Europe. Power Girl, Flash, and Batman team up with the JLE!

The Teasdale Imperative Part 2 of 4

In a small Eastern European village the Justice League of Europe is trying to hold back an army of what appears to be vampires. They seem to be losing, Wally and Buddy are overrun and even Power Girl gets over run when she tries to help. It looks like the JLE might have to retreat when the Justice League of America shows up in their jet. With the help of J'onn, Fire and Guy Gardner they are able to hold off the army until dawn, when the attackers run from the sun light.

Back at the UN outpost Captain Atom debriefs J'onn on whats happened so far. He tells J'onn about how Mr. Hammershmeldt came to the JLE's headquarters and pleaded with him for the JLE's help after the second village had been overrun. Captain Atom goes on to explain how his team was sceptical about the invaders being vampires but once the first wave hit at sundown t hey weren't so sure.

Meanwhile, while the sun is still shining Batman and Ralph go out looking for what happened to the "vampires" when the sun came up. They find one hiding in a building and when Ralph pulls him into the sunlight he starts smoking and runs back into the shadows. Ralph is now positive that they are dealing with vampires but Batman is now more sure that that they are not. Unknown to them they are being watched by Irwin Teasdale, who reveals that he is working with the Grey Man and that he is behind whats happening. He also reveals that his target is Simon Stagg, and he is only 20 miles away.

As the sun starts to set again, Doctor Fate, who is now Linda and new to the whole superhero thing, is drawn to a watching Spectre. Once the Spectre explains to the new Doctor Fate that something big is happening behind the scenes and the two agents of order take a portal out to see the Lords of Order.


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Like a JLA story from the glory days. 0

My dad seemed to be a lifelong collector of the Justice League.  His collection wasn't complete, he only started at around issue 60.  He passed his admiration for this team onto me, and I read his collection a few times through when I was young.  The one thing I used to love about the old Justice League was the fact that it was the most powerful heroes on the planet working together on missions they couldn't handle alone.  After the breakdown of the Silver Age team (and the last time my favourit...

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