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Part 3 of 3, continued from the previous issue. It's friend against friend (sort of!) as Captain Atom, Rocket Red and Metamorpho battle the rest of the JLE, now possessed by the tyrannical Starro the Conqueror. This issue guest-stars J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter.

Starro, now in control of J'onn continues to take over England. Starro tries to send Kilowog through a teleport tube but the distance is too far and the smaller Starro dies when Kilowog arrives in New York.

Meanwhile Captain Atom, Metamorpho and Rocket Red try to escape the mind controlled member of the JLE. Captain Atom gets the idea to retreat back to the Embassy but there they learn that Starro plans on killing everyone if the three don't summit to his Starros.

Captain and Rocket summit but when Starro learns Metamorpho can't be controlled he tries to out right kill the hero. Luckily Blue Beetle pops out the teleporter and grabs Metamorpho and teleports back to New York. There the JLA watch as Starro threatens to kill everyone unless the JLA surrender.

On cue the teleport restarts and Ice appears and freezes Starro. Later Captain Atom meets with Lord Manga and gives him Starro in exchange for a favor later. Then after Manga leaves Catherine gets a message from J'onn, "Maxwell Lord has been shot."


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