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Part 1 of 3, continued next issue. Starro's back! Is this old Justice League villain again out for world domination? He's already flaunting his ability to control minds...including the JLE’s.

The Justice League Europe returns from battling giant worms to discover that Kilowog is planning on leaving to help Starro, who claims he is there to help Earth this time not destroy it. After discussion the team decides to go with Kilowog and Starro and help too.

When they arrive at small English town they learn that the Great Starro is dying and needs his ship repaired so he can return home and die in peace. The League agree to help and Kilowog repairs Starro's ship. Once aboard Starro thanks the league and returns to space. But something happens and the ship explodes. The villagers blame the League of killing their beloved Starro.

Unknown to the league the ship exploding resulted in Starros being rained down on Piccadilly Circus during rush hour. The Starros attach to the populace and began to chant "Tomorrow you will be king."

Meanwhile, at the New Scotland Yard, Camus learns he is he new liaison to the Justice League. When he arrives at the Embassy he learns he has to work there and share a room with Stinky's litter box.


  • Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Black Canary are only seen in a flashback of the Justice League of America versus Starro.

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