Justice League Elite

    Team » Justice League Elite appears in 19 issues.

    A black ops version of the Justice League, including former members of the Elite.

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    Formed from the Ashes of The Elite, the new JLE is unsanctioned and unafraid to takedown global threats hard.

    The Justice League Elite was organized by Vera Black, the younger sister of Manchester Black, who believed that there should be a team in place to deal with the threats in the shadows that the League could not address due to their public reputations possibly escalating the situation. Unsantioned by the UN, and only loosely overseen by the JLA, this team had only one unbreakable rule; “No killing” under any circumstances.

    This motion was secretly approved by several nations in the United Nations at the behest of Naif al Sheik, an international espionage expert whom Vera Black recruited to lead the team. Due to his mistrust of metahumans she believed he would be able to keep the team in check.

    Story Arc

    Among the opposition they fought were the Blood Brothers (who were obsessed in killing the population of an entire country), Circe (who sought to obtain the Spear of Destiny), Wolfwood (who was responsible for the death of Naif al Sheik’s wife and daughter), and Aftermath who killed Coldcast’s brother and tried to unleash the Worlogog.

    Ultimately the organization was destroyed from within by one of their own (Menagerie II) who used one of her teammates (Coldcast) to kill a corrupt dictator. While the organization was “dissolved” there were strong hints that Vera Black and Naif al Sheik are still operating in the shadows with some “new friends”

    Notable members

    • Sister Superior (Vera Black): the younger sister of Superman foe Manchester Black, she has extensive cybernetic augmentation (to what extent is unknown however it has confirmed that her arms are completely cybernetic and possibly all of her appendages.)
    • Naif al Sheik: an expert in International espionage whose mistrust of metahumans would allow him to keep the team in check.
    • Coldcast (Nathan Craig Jones): a former member of Manchester Black’s team The Elite, he provides immense power due to his vast electromagnetic abilities. He was in a sexual relationship with Menagerie.
    • Kasumi (Batgirl/Cassandra Cain): An alias used by Cassandra Cain during her time in the Elite appointed by Batman to act as the “watchwoman” for the team. In her cover identity, she is a reformed assassin who had killed 200 people before her 16 birthday.
    • Major Disaster (Paul Booker): A reformed villain with the power to cause natural disasters.
    • Manitou Raven: An ancient shaman who acts as the magical specialist for the Elite.
    • Manitou Dawn: An unofficial member of the team, she and Green Arrow develop a close relationship.
    • Flash (Wally West): The fastest man alive serving on both the JLA and the JLE (though wearing different costumes on both teams.) His speed abilities are often used to save lives while leaving the impression of death, as the mission might require.
    • Green Arrow: the tactical advisor for the team, as well as a moral compass, since he is well know for his progressive, liberal ideals.
    • Menagerie II ( Sonja): the sister of the original Menagerie she had a creche of alien symbiotic parasites. She secretly plots against the JLE due to her hatred of Vera’s brother, Manchester Black.

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