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    Movie » Justice League: Doom released on February 28, 2012.

    Justice League: Doom is an animated movie based on Mark Waid's JLA: Tower of Babel storyline. This DC Universe Animated movie was released digitally on February 21 and was then released on Blu-Ray/DVD disc on February 28.

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    The movie opens up with Batman recently getting the drop on the Royal Flush Gang, which is using unknown technology that allows them to walk through walls. He soon reports to the Justice League about the information he has gained. The Royal Flush gang are seen trying to steal industrial diamonds from a bank, but they are quickly confronted by Batman. Batman traded blows with the gang, but he was eventually surrounded, and Ace closed in for the kill. In the split second that Batman was about to be killed, Hal Jordan and the Justice League of America rush in to save Batman's life. The Justice League began to separate and tried to capture members of the Royal Flush Gang. Wonder Woman went after Queen, Martian Manhunter went after King, Superman fought against Ace and Flash and Batman looked for Jack, who suddenly disappeared after sending Ace to kill Batman. Eventually the Justice League defeated the Royal Flush Gang, and King was stopped by Cyborg (who wasn't officially in the J.L.A.). As the team gathered up outside of the heist job that the Royal Flush Gang tried to pull off, they discovered that finding out who supplied the Gang with their tech wasn't going to be easy. As Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter had failed to use their abilities to find out who it was, Cyborg downloaded the hard drive memory of the technology and told the team that he would tell them when he found something relative to the case. Batman wanted to work more with his fellow partners, stating that he (and they) didn't need sleep, but Superman convinced everyone that they would find the nformation needed after they got some rest. Batman left angrily, and eventually arrived in his cave to work over the case notes. Alfred told him that he needed rest, so Bruce decided to listen to him and take a break. Meanwhile, Mirror Master snuck in as a hologram and stole the contingency plans that Batman had created to neutralize the Justice League if they ever went rogue.

    Elsewhere, five of the greatest enemies (Metallo, Bane, Cheetah, Malefic and Star Sapphire) of the Justice League gather to Vandal Savage's Legion of Doom hideout to discuss in matters to rid the world of the J.L.A with the plans that Mirror Master stole from Batman. Each of the villains take off to their respected other, and use the plans that Savage gave them to destroy the heroes once and for all. Bane begins his attack first as their was no real contingency plan to take down Batman, so Savage comes up with the ideal to burry Bruce Wayne alive, as Savage has given the secret identity of Batman to him. Bruce Wayne was caught off guard as Bane had moved his parents grave and was beaten badly. Once Bane wins, Bruce is left in his parents graves and is starting to crawl himself out of the grave. The other villains begin their attack on the other members. Malefic attacks Martian Manhunter and burns him alive, Cheetah poisons Wonder Woman, Metallo shoots Superman point blank in the chest with Kryptonite and Star Sapphire convinces Hal Jordan that he failed to save a civilians life. The Flash was attacked by Mirror Master and was planted with a bomb on his rist and if he stopped running he would die. As the villains celebrate their great and mighty victory, all of them decide to stay with Savage to find out the real goal behind killing the Justice League. He wants to wipeout 2/3 of the worlds population that way he can rule them just like when he was a caveman over 70,000 years ago. When Bruce finally breaks his way through the ground and back to the surface from being buried alive, Bruce realizes that he must find out what is going on immediately. As Alfred comes to realize that Bruce is fine, he also tells him that Superman has been shot. Quickly realizing that his contingency plans are being used against him, he asks Flash to run to Star Labs and get them to forge a Kryptonite scalpel.

    However, Barry is in trouble and can not as he is running for his life, he also tells Batman that he is getting tired and may not be able to go much longer, Batman tells him that he'll figure something out. While Wonder Woman is poisoned, she thinks that everyone looks exactly like Cheetah and begins to fight everyone. In the end, Cyborg saves her from getting a heart attack because of how hard she was fighting, by giving Wonder Woman a cure to what was taking control of what she saw. Batman soon gave orders to Cyborg and Wonder Woman that he knows what to give Martian Manhunter to stop him from burning, he also saves the Flash from exploding by telling him to run into an iceberg. As Superman is the last to be saved, Cyborg uses his abilities and the kryptonite that Batman gave him to perform a surgery on the Man of Steel. As Cyborg and the J.L.A. is praised because of saving Superman's life, the Justice League realize that they need to have a conversation at their watchtower. Batman tells his partners that he created the contingency plan to only neutralize his friends if they turned rogue, not kill, Savage altered them to become deadly. As Superman and most of the others think that it was a bad idea, Batman states that they'd be fools if they didn't create one to stop Batman. As Batman knows exactly where to find Savage and his Legion of Doom whom are based in Louisiana's Swamp lands. The team immediately goes and does battle with Savage and the Legion of Doom, the villains were no match for the Justice League, however Savage launches his doomsday missile towards the sun. His plan was to create a solar flare that would burn 2/3 of the world's population off of the Earth, and the rest of the human race would follow Savage because of how much power he has. As Superman was able to destroy most of the missiles, he failed to destroy the final two which ignited a solar flare that followed the rockets trail back to Earth. Superman warns the team that the solar flare is coming and that they only have 8 minutes, Green Lantern buys them time by holding up a shield to block out the solar flare while the rest of the team think up a plan. As Cyborg explains that the technology that Savage created to walk through walls was going to protect his base and the other side of the world from the harm of the solar flare. Cyborg and the team eventually hooked up the machine to the J.L.A. watchtower and saved the entire planet. As a result, Cyborg was a full member of the Justice League, Vandal Savage was charged with crimes against the world and put in jail with no chance of parole, and Batman quits the Justice League as he stated that the team did not see themselves the way that he [Batman] sees them. As a potential, and possibly, the greatest threat on Earth! Batman also explains that he would do the same thing again, but would tell his fellow teammates of what he was doing instead of keeping it a secret from them. While Superman and the others didn't entirely like the concept of Batman having a file of weaknesses, they did respect him, Superman even gave him a piece of kryptonite just to show that he believes in Batman's ways and how he thinks. In the end, Batman is teleported back to Earth and the Justice League looks at the Earth witnessing at how they've protected the Earth and always will.

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    Contingency Plans Gone Wrong 0

    I have been a Justice League fan for some time now and have also been loving the DC Universe Animated movies and was wanting to watch this one for ages (due to it not being out in the UK had to get a US import which took a while). Although I have never read JLA: Tower of Babel I was still able to enjoy this film and might now consider buying this book.PlotThe Justice League (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter) along with Cyborg have discovered that Royal Flus...

    7 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Doomed for Watching 0

    Bleah. This could have been something. They were adapting the “Tower of Babel” to the animated screen, which was one of the bigger and one of the most stunning JLA storylines by Mark Waid, who I unabashedly claim as one of the very best comic book writers of this generation. Unfortunately they fell short in copying his masterpiece, and they did it badly too.First, it was over too damn quick. Like so many of these adaptations, they compress way too much in order to fit the movie in ba...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Average flick that delivers the beat-ups and decent story. 0

    Batman comes upon a bank robbery being committed by the newest incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang; a violent crew who's styles are motivated by the faces of playing cards. After the group is taken down by the Justice League, Batman's secret files are stolen and each member of the Justice League is attacked. -summarySuperman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and the Flash are five of the most powerful superheroes in the DC universe on their own. Collectively as the Justice League,...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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